three new tricks

Connor can now:

- Open the bathroom door
- Eat an apple off the core
- Hide Mommy's camera cord so she isnt able to download any photos

Yep, my camera cord is missing somewhere in this house, which is why I've only been able to use grainy blackberry pics for the past week or so {sorry!}. I've looked all ovet the place, including in his toy bins which is where it usually hides, so unless he ate it, it has to be here somewhere....

Also, I was eating an apple yesterday and he was very interested so I gave him a few bites and he liked it so much he wouldn't let me put it down.

And opening the bathroom door is his new trick. We have a lever handle so he can easily stand on his tip toes, grab it and push the door open. I didn't think he'd be able to reach it for at least a few more months, but now it's off to the baby-proofing aisle of Target we go!


twin boys having a conversation

Have you seen this video of twin boys having a conversation? It is HYSTERICAL and especially funny because I feel like Connor could jump right in there with them and join the chatter.

I saw a blip on the news this morning about this video and how twins {and multiples} sometimes have their own special way of communicating with each other. They understand each others when others can't and occasionally develop their own unique language. I think babies in general have their own special way of communicating and moms {and dads} can usually understand what they mean when others are baffled.


onesie giveaway

Well, it is finally time to giveaway a onesie.

I've been thinking about it for awhile and it's just time. So, I have a free large Oink onesie and a card of your choice for one lucky winner! This will make a fabulous gift for a new baby or for your own.

To win, you must become a follower of the blog {click "follow" on the right sidebar and enter your info - if you have a gmail, twitter or yahoo account it makes it easier and you can sign in thorugh that}

Then once you are a follower, leave a comment on this post {you can say anything you'd like} and I will choose a winner at random and send you a brand new Oink onesie and a card.

You have until Sunday, April 10th to enter and I will choose a winner on Monday, April 11th.

Also, for extra entries, feel free to tweet or blog about the giveaway and then leave a comment with a link to your tweet/blog post for an extra entry.

Good luck and thanks so much for reading Vinyasa Mama! xoxo

**This giveaway has ENDED and the winner is #7, Misty!**


cooper river bridge nap

Connor and I went for a walk on the bridge last week when the weather was still nice {it was raining and freezing today}. Though someone decided to take a nap before we reached the top....guess who?


barre class

My friend Chloe and I went to a barre fusion class at our gym this afternoon. This is the second barre class I've been to recently and both times I've left with my legs feeling like jell-o. I think it took 4 days for my thighs to stop burning every time I moved last time, so needless to say I was a little worried about knowingly putting myself back in that position today.

There has been a lot of press about Barre classes recently, especially after Madonna began taking them at Barre3, which is a slightly different method then the class we went to today, but the principles are similar. Barre fusion classes incorporate a mix of weights, ballet and pilates using the mat and a traditional ballet barre. Overall, this class is no joke. I took ballet for years when I was little and still have pretty strong thighs. Or so I thought....

I'm sitting on the sofa now and my legs are still shaking a bit from what I put them through today. Both times I've left the class thinking I'll never go back, but then a few hours pass and I realize how much I secretly like becoming acutely aware of muscles I'd forgotten I had.

Has anyone out there experienced the same thing? Or are you interested in barre classes?


story time

This is how he sat for most of story time at the library today...

Until he discoved she was keeping the toys up there...

By the way, check out those chubby little baby legs and ankles :)


the rear facing car seat debacle

Last Friday we joyously celebrated the day after Connor's first birthday as "the day we were finally able to turn the car seat around". For months his little legs have been squished against the seat and it was so difficult to see him in the mirror we had attached to the head rest.

When we turned him around on Friday he immediately seemed happier and smiled at us for the entire car ride. I was able to hand him his juice or snacks and would make funny faces while we were stopped. It was such a relief to be able to see him and immediately know if he was asleep, awake, happy, sad, etc.

But then yesterday the American Academy of Pediatrics announced their recommendation that parents wait to turn their child's car seat around until after their second birthday.

Huh? What? Seriously....?

This article from the New York Times has been all over the news and I am feeling very torn about which way to face our baby. Clearly his safety is our number one priority and always will be, but now that we've crossed over to the "other side" {literally} the thought of turning him back around seems like torture. I definitely get it - but ugggh!

So, what are your thought? Anyone disagree with the article? Will you/ did you keep you baby rear facing until their second birthday?


artist market + birthday weekend

That picture might just say it all :)

It's was quite a weekend here. I had my Vinyasa Mama table at the Lowcountry Artist Market on Saturday and sold lots of onesies and met some awesome artists, vendors and customers. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and to the Music Farm for putting on yet another great event! We also stopped by a pre-wedding party for friends who are getting married next month and went out for drinks to celebrate our friend Christina's birthday {sans the birthday girl, but that's another story...}

On Sunday we had a little party in our backyard for Connor's first birthday. The weather was beautiful and C had a blast eating cake for the first time ever, hanging out and opening fun, new presents. Aunt Ally and Uncle Will were in town for the weekend and gave C his very own leather chair to hang out in. It's already a favorite and he looks so cute lounging in it.

We're still finding bits and pieces of blue frosting scattered throughout the house, though I'm happy to report it washed out beautifully from his clothes and the highchair :) Mental note for next year...do not order a cake with navy blue frosting....and get a bath ready before giving him a piece of cake....

 Photo was taken before we added a bloody mary bar for the adults to that yellow platter...


happy 1st birthday!

Happy 1st Birthday to our little St. Patty's Day baby!

Connor woke up to one of the coolest presents ever - a Little Tikes Cozy Coup car from Aunt Tiff and Uncle Joe! He scooted around in it all morning and then had a big glass of whole milk with his breakfast {plus a candle in his oatmeal!}.

We went to our usual Gymboree class where all the other babies sang Happy Birthday and now we are off to run a few errands for his party this weekend and might stop off at the park to swing and play before dinnertime. To top it off we are going to turn his car seat around so he's facing front! Woo hoo! Overall it's been a great 1st birthday!!

Happy St. Patricks Day everyone!


almost 1st birthday!

Exactly one year ago I had just returned home from work and was sitting around and felt something weird. I started feeling something weird about every five minutes and soon realized they were contractions and I was in labor. Little did we know we would meet Connor a few hours later and have a St. Patrick's Day baby! I simply CAN NOT BELIEVE a year has already passed?!

Happy {almost} Birthday, Connor!


weekend kicks

The weather was beautiful here in the Lowcountry and we had a relatively relaxed weekend before the craziness that seems to be planned for next weekend {i.e Connor's Bday party, the Artist Market, Aunt Ally and Uncle Will visiting, a wedding shower and another Bday party for a friend - holy moly!}

Anyway, I was feeling fairly crafty this weekend and started a pretty cool painting and made a set of curtains out of a tablecloth for the kitchen. Overall it was super simple and I'll post a DIY for it soon if anyone is interested.

It was also second Sunday on King Street where they close the street down to traffic and open it to pedestrians. The restaurants pull their tables out onto the street and sidewalk and it's pretty cool. Connor and I went for a stroll and saw some yoga courtesy of the Lululemon store, which reminded me I MUST get back into a regualr yoga routine pronto.

We topped it off with some fish tacos on Sunday night with friends where Connor showed off his first pair of "real" shoes {see above}.


jumparoo love

Yes, the flash was on my camera and these aren't the greatest photos, but I love them because C is still LOVING his Jumparoo here. I believe it has been 7 months since we bought it and he has used it almost every day, which is money well spent for a baby item in my book.

Happy Weekend everyone!!


whew, nap time!

Connor's first birthday is quickly approaching and with this new year, I feel like everything is changing. And by everything, I mean sleep patterns, which to me, really are everything these days.

In the last few weeks, nap time has become a total toss up; sometimes it's at 9:30am with another afternoon nap, sometimes he doesn't nap until 1pm with nothing else until bedtime. Sometimes he sleeps through the night, but most of the time he doesn't. I can't help but feel like our sweet little infant has become a very active, willful and determined little devil at times. There are times when this baby is on a mission and won't rest until whatever he is after is his.

Luckily Connor is down for a nap right now. If he wasn't, there is no way I'd even have the few minutes it takes to type this post. Nap time is the only time I have to empty the dishwasher, do some laundry, send an email or simply sit without being on high alert. And once I hear that cry from his bedroom it's like, DING! times up! stop whatever you're doing. The alarm has sounded.

I'm estimating I have about 5-10 minutes left until the alarm goes off today, so I'm going to quickly eat lunch, fold the laundry, make the bed, dry my hair, send a few emails and think about what to make for dinner tonight. In 5 minutes??? These days I could probably accomplish all that in 3...maybe even less.

P.S. Happy Birthday, G'Pops!


bla, bla

This Bla, Bla is a new favorite...

....well, most of the time.


lowcountry artist market, round two

I am very happy to announce Vinyasa Mama will be at the 3rd Lowcountry Artist Market on Saturday. March 19th. The market will be from 10am to 3pm at the Music Farm in downtown Charleston. Of course, we'll be there with plenty of onesies, cards and a few new and exciting items...but you'll have to come to see what they are!

Woohoo - I've got work to do!!


stroller chauffeur

This is my view during our walks. It is clear that although I might be the driver of the stroller, I am not the one in charge. He lets me know when we have ventured off his preferred course with a loud squawk and I can either comply with the boss or be faced with one very unhappy passenger. Sometimes I feel like I'm motoring a pageant car in a parade {for the mayor or a big celebrity} and C looks out at all the spectators, smiles and waves as he sees fit.

Sometimes he likes to take the scenic route through the park, but usually it's all about getting from point A to point B by the fastest route possible for this one.


hilarious baby video

I saw this yesterday on Cup of Joe and we got quite a laugh out of it last night.

It's from Swedish director, Johannes Nyholm, and is a short video of his baby dressed as a middle aged woman trashing a bar. Yes, it sounds a bit strange, but it's hilarious.


i love you, pilates reformer

If you are wondering what in the world that photo is, that's what I was doing this morning. It's a pilates reformer machine and I'm now completely in love with it.

I've taken pilates mat classes before and honestly really didn't like them at all. As someone who loves vinyasa flow yoga (i.e power yoga) the whole repetitive concept of pilates mat classes drove me absolutely nuts. I wanted to move around, not stay in one spot and repeat the same movement on each side, three times over.

So, I was skeptical about this pilates reformer business - mainly because it's still technically "pilates" - but much to my surprise it was completely different. I loved it so much I just spent 20 minutes online looking up how much it cost to buy my very own reformer. {by the way, it's roughly $2500, so that will not be happening anytime this century.....}

Overall, how it works is you use the resistance from various springs on the reformer to glide your body in and out of positions {click here for more info}. Your core and pelvis position are the two most important things to keep in mind throughout your movements and overall pilates is known for creating very long, lean muscles. We stuck with the basics today but I was itching to do more. There are some similarities to yoga (names of poses, overall concept, breath work, core, etc) but I really loved switching it up, getting off my yoga mat and giving pilates a shot. I've lost all the baby weight since having Connor but my body still doesn't feel as strong as it once was. After today, however, I feel muscles I'd long since forgotten about and honestly it feels good - addictingly good.

I never would have thought but I suppose you could call me a pilates convert, now.


blog survey

So I've been working on some blog updates recently and am eager to make some changes to Vinyasa Mama. Since I'm mainly working on these changes during nap time, it's been pretty slow going for the past few weeks. Sometimes a shower wins out over blog related stuff, as I'm sure you can imagine :)

Anyway, I created a survey to see what you - the reader - are interested in seeing on Vinyasa Mama. It would be incredibly helpful if you could take a few moments to answer nine short questions about the blog. And of course if you have any fabulous ideas or comments for me there is a space at the end to share them.

Thank you so much and I really appreciate all your help!

Please click here to take the survey.


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