another weekend, another park

Loving the Charleston weather right now.

It makes for pretty amazing weekend walks and adventures in new playgrounds. I'm especially loving the hammocks people brought to the Battery (see first photo above), why didn't I think of that?


from the other day....

Love these chubby little feet :)


the beach in february?

77 degrees...in February? Huh?

I grew up in Boston and the first day over 60 meant it was time to break out the shorts and flip slops. So when the temps reached 77 here yesterday, of course I broke out the flops, threw the Bob in the car and forced Connor to love a very-early-in-the-season beach day as much as I did.

Unfortunately, he wasn't lovin it as much as me and we only lasted about 5 minutes.

So then we went to the bookstore, where he thought it would be fun to pull all the books off the bookshelf....I should've seen that one coming!

Sigh....we'll be back soon, though!


zoom, zoom

Hide the car keys and watch your toes, everyone! Speedy is on the move!


uncle adam

We refer to all of our our close friends as Connor's "aunts" and "uncles" because to us, they really are like family.

Unfortunately, last week we received the awful news that our good friend, Adam, passed away. He'd moved from Charleston to Chicago about a year ago and hadn't yet had a chance to meet Connor, which makes me very, very sad. Before he moved, I was still pregnant with Connor and whenever we'd see Adam he would always ask to see my belly, which may sound weird to some, but it never bothered me because it was just the way Adam was....

Although he and Connor never had a chance to meet, we will always tell Connor funny stories about his Uncle Adam, who likely would have taken him skateboarding and made him stay up way past his bedtime.

We love you, Adam, and will miss you very much. xo


11 months


and so very mobile.

one for you, one for me

Clearly, Connor has learned to share :)


well THAT just happened.....

After two weeks of snot, mucus and some "loose" diapers I didn't really think it could get much worse.

That is, until tonight when Connor threw up on me....

He's spit up on me before, but this wasn't spit up. It was full fledged puke and required a load of laundy, a shower for me and a bath for him. Of course he started laughing right when it happened, which actually made me laugh, too, because honestly what else was I going to do?? The poor little guy couldn't help it and I'm glad he burst out laughing rather then crying.

So anyway, eleven months into this Mommy thing and I've been puked on and lived to tell the tale. I knew this day would come at some point and on the plus side, it makes the snot seem like a breeze.


love to all

Happy Valentine's Day!

So far today has been a pretty good day. My three boys {Kyle, Connor and Red} surprised me with flowers and Starbucks this morning, which is the perfect way to start the day in my book. Connor and I went to his music class at Gymboree and then picked up some yummy cookies for Daddy from yesUmay cookies in Mt. Pleasant - including a cookie with curry in it, which sounds like a strange flavor combination but somehow totally works. Now we are home, napping and maybe planing an afternoon walk in the sunshine.

We had another swing session yesterday and Connor played basketball for the first time. He also flirted with an older lady {six years old!} at brunch who was wearing the coolest pair of silver sparkly shoes.

Happy Valentine's Day! Connor sends everyone kisses!


tilty sippy cup

Connor loves his new sippy cup!

Actually, it really isn't a "sippy" cup, it's more of a cup with a lid, but made for a baby. Personally, I'm not a huge fan of traditional sippy cups. I've found them to be difficult to clean {too many parts and gunk would get stuck in the plastic crevices} and although it was nice that most of them barely leaked when turned upside down, that also meant most were really difficult to get the liquid out of. So difficult that Connor would just end up chewing on the lid and wouldn't drink anything from the cup.

So, after some googling I found the Tilty Cup on amazon.com and figured we'd give it a shot. Connor seems to love them - the angled bottom makes it much easier for the liquid to flow toward the spout, they are a good size for his small hands and are a clean, simple design that makes sense. I will say that they do leak when you turn them upside down, but it is a cup after all. I wouldn't necessarily use this during a car ride or take it out with me in the diaper bag, but it's perfect for mealtime.


park bench

Connor and I went on a walk downtown this afternoon in an effort to force myself to feel better. I figured a little fresh air couldn't hurt, right?

As we were walking down Broad Street I noticed an area next to City Hall that I'd never seen before. I've walked around downtown a million times, so it's pretty rare for me to find a space I've never seen, let alone a pretty large area on a major street. Anyway, we strolled around and pretended we were tourists for awhile. I snapped a few pictures while Connor made googly eyes at some of the ladies walking around. He does this thing where he locks his eyes on someone and stares at them until they finally look at him and then he flashes a big smile and giggles. It's pretty cute and seems to be his new thing when we're out. Such a little flirt!

I'm also happy to report Connor kept his shoes on the entire time {which typically never happens} and I'm even feeling a little better {woohoo}.


moms can't get sick!

Of course now that Connor is getting better, I'm sick...

There are many, many wonderful things about being able to be a stay at home mom, but being sick is not one of them. In the real world {for lack of a better term} I would call in sick today. My head feels like it weighs 100 lbs, my throat hurts and I'm about as crabby as can be. I'm guessing I got about 3 hrs of sleep last night and now all I really want to do is curl up in bed. I'm not even one to take sick days, but judging by how yucky I feel, today would definitely call for a sick day.

But that's in the real world....and I no longer live in the real world, I'm a mom. And moms don't get sick, right? All I can do is make myself some tea and stockpile the tissues in my pocket.

My apologies for all the crabbiness, but it's better for me to vent it all out here then to be snappy around the house. Truuuuust me.

On a brighter note, did you notice the changes to the blog's look? I'm trying to spruce things up a bit, with more changes to come....

Oh, and happy, happy birthday aunt tiff!!


deer in headlights

We're still battling the plague over here so in lieu of a recent picture, here's a little gem that I took a few weeks ago. Makes me laugh every time I see it :)


{sick} friday

This is not a photo from today.

A photo today would look like a big mess of snot, bright red cheeks and watery eyes {yikes!}. This horrible cold started a few days ago and seems to be getting worse. In addition to a hacking cough, Connor started running a fever last night so now it's back to the doctor for this poor little babes :(

He's hoping to feel better by Sunday for his first superbowl, though :)


i'm going to buy these for kyle...


...because he thinks normal ones are for girls.


clear the surfaces

As cute as I think it is that Connor is pulling himself up to stand and getting ready to walk, it also means anything is up for grabs.

And those little sticky fingers have gotten ahold of things that I though were surely out of his reach. Candles, glasses, books, lamps, picture frames....we might need to pack everything up until he's twelve....

Years ago I used to babysit for this family who had very little furniture on the first floor of their house - a sofa and a dining room table and nothing else. The upstairs was more decorated, so I always wondered why the downstairs was so bare?

Now I get it. Less is more when it comes to mobile babies.


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