big boy bed - twin or full size?

Baby numero duo is due in early May, so it would make sense to just use our existing crib rather then buy a new one. C-man will turn two in March and it seems like a great time to move him into a big boy bed thereby freeing up the crib for baby. Even if we hold off until he is a few months past his second birthday, around say...July...that should give us plenty of time to get him adjusted by the time the baby is ready to move from the bassinet to the crib. Right? I'm sure it all sounds easier then it will be in reality....

Scheduling problems aside....do we get him a new twin sized bed or a full size bed? Twins just seems so small to me - even for little people - but then I'm afraid he might be lost in a full. If we just start off with a twin eventually we're probably going to buy another bed and move him to a full, so why not just bypass the twin size all together? The majority of kid beds I've seen recently seem to be full size, so is the twin outdated? Incidentally, his crib does convert to a bed {which is a full size} so we also could simply convert his crib into a bed and then buy a new crib for the baby that she will eventually convert into her own bed a few years down the road.

Ahhh, decisions, decisions! Anyone have any experience moving their toddler to either bed size? How did it go?


  1. the crib converts to a full?! well, there ya go! that's convenient. i think if connor knows its the same exact same bed, just a "big boy version", it might make the transition easier, especially if he watches you break it down and put it back together. also, i would imagine that buying a new crib/full is easier than buying a whole new bedframe/mattress/box spring, so that route seems economical and efficient for the little one on the way. good luck!

  2. We have a twin trundle bed already in Ellie's room and I was planning on transitioning her to the lower of the two beds one day when we have #2. I feel like I moved from a twin to a queen when I was already in high school, so I'm sure we'll have twins for the kids for a while.

    I am dying to know what you are going to do stroller-wise! You know I love baby gear :)

  3. Oh, you know I've been researching new strollers! Having baby #2 is the perfect way to feed my stroller obsession :) l post about them soon, don't ya worry



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