18 weeks! + belly shots

18 weeks this past Sunday - how did that happen??

Since this pregnancy seems to be flying by, I thought it was about time for a belly photo! This was a rare day where my hair was actually down and not up in some sort of ponytail/bun/bobby pinned situation so it seemed an appropriate time to take a photo. Also, wanted to mention it was 75 degrees here today, hence the rather summery sundress and flip flops {not pictured} in December. As lovely as 75 in December might sound, our recent heat wave have made it more and more difficult to find something to wear that's 1) comfortable 2) fits 3) doesn't look like I'm headed to the beach 4) isn't already covered in food/milk. Thinking I might get back on the leggings bandwagon that served me so well when I was pregnant with C.

And speaking of being pregnant with C-man, I just looked back at a post from October 2009 when I was also 18 weeks pregnant and I'd say my belly is looking a whole lot bigger this go around. Clearly this baby wanted to make an appearance waaaay before her brother. Click here to see the old post.

Hope everyone is having a great week!


  1. Love your update. You look beautiful.

  2. I agree with your mom on this one! My first thought was, she looks beautiful :) Can't wait to see you guys on the 26th! xo, Cristina

  3. stunning, marisa! you were born to be a mom. i miss ya'll o much and am so happy for you. :)



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