past few days + kichen paint

Hey y'all.

We've been busy unpacking, decorating and eating turkey here. We ended up staying in town for Thanksgiving and I cooked at home while I put Kyle and C to work unpacking boxes. Not really {I wish!} but we have gotten a lot done in the past week or so and it's slowly starting to come together. It's still a long way from being picture worthy, but the progress is making it feel more like home.

Apart from unpacking, we've been to a few of the playgrounds in our new neighborhood. C also loves having a bigger backyard to play around in! I literally had to carry him back into the house last night kicking and screaming because after almost 2 hours, he STILL wanted to stay outside in the cold and the dark to continue playing.

This one below is a teaser preview of our Christmas card, which I finally ordered last night....

After unpacking our next big project is painting the kitchen. The current color is kermit green {no joke} and it's got to go. As quickly as possible.

It's almost too awful to post on here, but just so you know I'm not joking here's a peek...

Love C's face in that one. We have a few more pics of Thanksgiving dinner that literally look like we are all sitting in front of a green screen weathermen use in TV studios. It's not pretty I am totally baffled as to why someone would choose to paint a room this color.

Current front runners are in the blue/grey family. The room opens up to the family room, which is a tan color. I'm not in love with the tan either, but repainting would require painting the not only the family room but also the entire hall, stairway, and upstairs hall {which opens to the family room} and I'm not about to tackle that big of a job right now. So we need something that coordinates but lightens all the tan all up a bit....here are a few ideas...

Benjamin Moore Mt. Rainier Grey

Benjamin Moore Winter Lake

I'd rather go more grey, but with the tan in the family room, I'm worried about it not flowing well. I painted a large swatch of the Mt. Rainier Grey and it's actually quite blue and reminds me of a baby boy's nursery. The winter lake is pretty, but potentially too dark. So, back to the drawing board for me. Suggestions welcome!!


  1. Love Connor's balancing act coming down the stairs...precious!

  2. i vote winter lake! love bluish grays..i think it will definitely complement the tan. kermit has to go bye-bye now.



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