moving {soon!} + new house to decorate

So we are moving in mid-November {yay!} and I've freakishly been trying to clean out every drawer and closet in an attempt to organize what I'm putting into boxes. This is no small feat, I tell you. Every time I think I've made progress, I turn around to see that C-man has just undone in 5 seconds what I've spent hours doing. It's so deflating.

Despite the chaos of packing, cleaning, moving, etc with a 19 month old hooligan running around, I am beginning to get very, very excited about decorating a new house.....! I never felt satisfied with the way our current house looked and am really over the moon about being in a new {much larger!} space where I can put my own stamp on things and make it feel more like home. I've had a million of so ideas spinning around in my head and wanted to share a few inspiration images with you....I'm hoping to start with the downstairs living space because we'll likely spend them most time there, and then move upstairs to the bedrooms.

LOVE this first one from Lonny...

The living room extends into the kitchen space, so I'd like the space to have a cohesive look and flow into one another. As you can see I'm all over the map, right now, so I need to spend some time narrowing it all down and finding what works for us and our budget. Plus, I could have posted about another million mages that I absolutely love, so this is merely a small sampling of where my head is right now. Overall this will be a lengthy process I'm sure, but I'm so excited for it to evolve over the next few months!


  1. So many great design ideas. I especially love the chevron rugs and the ikat designs. Have you decided on a color scheme?
    Also love the metal chairs....much better looking than what I thought they would be. I also love ghost chairs.

  2. Lonny is full of great inspiration!! Also, I love the tile all the way up to the ceiling in the last image.

  3. I love the color scheme of the Elle Decor one and the earthiness of the first one! All great ideas. I also can't wait to move so I can decorate a new space that I can call my own- hate my current space. xo! Cristina



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