hand cut map art

London mapcut by studiokmo
detailed pic of London mapcut by studiokmo

So as I've been dreaming about how to decorate the new house, I've been perusing though my ETSY favorites for some art inspiration and ideas. I just re-visited one of the coolest shops I've ever come across and wanted to share here. Studiokmo creates incredibly detailed and intricate hand cut maps of cities all over the world. The actual handcut maps are quite expensive - rightfully so because I imagine they must take forever to make - but they also have smaller prints created with very thin vertical lines.

Boston print by studiokmo
Manhattan (left) and Paris (right) prints by studiokmo

San Francisco diptych print by studiokmo

I love the Boston print {there is also a diptych of Boston but it isn't currently listed on their ETSY site} and think it would look great in an office area or in a wall gallery type display. If you aren't up for displaying an entire handcut or print they have much smaller postcards sizes, too.

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  1. very cool! (says the geography major) you better get to work on the charleston map :)



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