wedding in philly

Hey y'all, once again it's long time no blog post. Sorry about that.

We were away last weekend {big surprise! us....away....never?!} for my cousins wedding just outside Philadelphia and had such a good time hanging out with family and getting a little more fall foliage time in before the leaves are gone. The only snag from the weekend was that I accidentally left my cell phone in our rental car and didn't discover my mistake until we were already through security and about to board the plane. I typically never do stupid forgetful things like that and was kicking myself for it the whole flight home. Good news is Enterprise actually found my phone and sent it back! FedEx! Yay for Enterprise!

Anyway, enough blabbing. Here are some pics from the weekend...

My Dad double fisting champagne...

The very first photo above is C-man, my grandmother and my sister. We've always called my grandmother Nanny, but C translated that into Na-Na {he says it like naa-naa, not nana} and he simply can not get enough of his beloved Na-Na. She sings him songs and then marches around the room and he marches right along behind her - it's pretty adorable. Every time we left the hotel room to go somewhere he immediately would say "Na-Na??" and look around for her.

Hope you all had a great weekend, too. I'll be back to blogging again sooner then later, promise :)

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  1. Hi - Love the pics and your comments. Connor was the most adorable person there and Nanny is certainly his most loved person. No one has the connection, music and love of children that she does. She sings him the most wonderful songs that he marches to and loves. She is the most wonderful great grandmother.
    We're so lucky to have her.
    Love, Mom



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