blog slump

Clearly I have fallen waaaaaaay off the blog wagon....

Thanks to anyone who is still reading (anyone? anyone? Bueller?) and please know I'm trying my best to juggle about 15 different balls in the air at once. The blog ball has hit the floor but I'm making it a point to pick it back up and pay more attention so it works it's way back into the mix again.

Anyway, we've been pretty busy traveling this fall and were in Blacksburg, VA for two weekends in a row. C-man went to his first two tailgates and the Hokies rocked the house. Like literally, they ROCKED the house. Check out this video of the Virginia Tech v. Miami game last weekend...

and here's the seismic activity recorded near the stadium on Saturday. Crazy, right?!

Here are a few more pics from the weekend...

A big thanks to Aunt Ashley for hanging with C during the game :) Also, a belated welcome to the world, Miss Lucy Greene! 

Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying these cooler fall temps! xoxo

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  1. Great pictures....looks like it was a fun weekend.



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