boston trip

Good news - we survived our flights and the backpack was a huge success! I ended up carrying it most of the time, but it was so much easier to have C's stuff organized in a separate bag so I didn't have to dig thorugh my stuff to find a snack, markers, trains, etc when he wanted them. I ended up forgoing the diaper bag and just bringing his backpack. Much easier and definitely helped streamline the number of items I was carrying.

We had a great time in Boston and had lots-O family time - plus some playtime at the Boston Children's Museum. Such a great museum for kids, I really wish the one here in Charleston was bigger and had all the activities they had in Boston. If you have kids/toddlers and are in the New England/Boston area for a vacation I definitely recommend checking it out.

As you can see, we put someone to work on heavy machinery...he loved it! Such a boy!

C and Aunt Ally checked out the view of the tall building from the windows...

Tried out some crayons...

And climbed around on musical chairs...

There were also fun area like raceways, bubbles, the Japanese House, the market, etc but either the pictures I took turned out blurry or I simply forgot to take them in some of the areas. Sorry, guys :(

Plus, soemone was crabby and ready for his nap by the time we left. Couldn't even manage to crack a smile...geeze.

The next day we took a walk through the public gardens, sat on the Make Way for Ducklings ducks   and watched some street preformers on Newbury Street...

and finaaaally we had a playdate with Aunt Tiff and Baby Keira! We tried our best to get a good photo of us, but this is all we could manage....

Take a look at us M-O-M-S.

We were both in comfy/workout clothes, I hadn't even showered yet and neither of us had had a good night sleep in lord knows how long.....all the marks of a mama {most of the time, anyway}. Oh, and the fact that we both had little ones probably makes us look pretty mom-like these days, too. Can't forget the kiddos.

See ya soon, Boston! Miss you already!

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  1. Loved having you in Boston. It is a Great City. Wish you lived here.



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