new projects + inspiration

I mentioned something a few weeks ago about posting photos of new projects I've been working on recently. I'm kind of driving myself nuts because I work on them a little every day, but I'm still not done! Guess that's just life with a toddler! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself....

Anyway, I have a small teaser photo of one section of a project in the dining room project. It's kinda blurry and the reflection is horrible, but I quickly snapped it before I made sure C wasn't going to topple off the chair.

I also moved a few things around in the living room and we now have a big, blank space on the first wall  you see when you walk into the room. So, I've been brainstorming about what I want to put there. Something abstract? A giant blown up photo? A painting? A print? A photo gallery wall? The choices are endless, and I haven't completely decided yet, but here are a few inspiration photos that have caught my eye....

LuluDK from Lonny
Karen Smidth
Nicole Cohen
Caitlin Wilson Design
Design Sponge
Sally King Benedict 

Clearly I'm all over the map....going to need to give it some time to see what feels right. Now, back to work for me! Nap time is a-wasting!


  1. Love the silhouette and the ideas for filling wall space. You should have Ashley send you some photos of fruit fly brains and other great stuff from her work.

  2. Love the silhouette of Connor. Looking forward to seeing your other work.
    Love, Mom



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