currently loving: native kids shoes

I am in love with C's new shoes! I can't get over the cuteness factor and also how functional they are - which I've discovered is surprisingly hard to find in kids shoes.

I've tried about a million pairs of Crocs on C-man over the past year or so and every time they just slipped right off his feet. I thought now that his feet were a bit bigger, they would finally fit better, but no dice. Since we live in a beachy area I really wanted a pair of easy to wear {and easy to clean} shoes for the warmer weather. Enter Native Kids shoes, which are the PERFECT alternative to Crocs.

C has the Jefferson style in Torch Red and we absolutely looooove them! They come in a few other styles and fun colors and not only fit well, but are easy to wash off and he can even put them on himself. Just be warned that they run in combo sizes {4/5, 6/7 etc} and the fit leans toward the larger of the two combined sizes. C is 17 months and is a size 5 so I ordered a 4/5 at first and couldn't even get them on his feet. I sent them back and ordered a 6/7 and they are definitely on the big size, but stay on his feet and seem comfortable on him. Plus, you can wear then with or without socks, so he'll be able to wear them into the fall, too.

Highly recommended!

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  1. SO CUTE! love them. have you tried keens? theyre also beachy and easy-on, easy off. and apparently tom's makes a toddlers version too. i think i have a kids shoe fetish...



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