children's museum

Milk, bananas and oranges. Someone knows how to stock up!

We went to the Lowcountry Children's Museum yesterday and C-man had an absolute blast. The last time we were there he wasn't walking yet, so all the activities were way over his head. Fast forward about four months and this little man was busy, busy, BUSY!

The supermarket was by far is favorite area, though he was pretty into the water area and the raceways, too. He took one look at the mini-size cart and was off. I had my hand on it at one point to help him steer and he quickly brushed it off and made it clear he was fine on his own.

Checkout took awhile because he kept running back to load up on more oranges, but luckily our check-out girl was very patient....

and then it was off to the water area....

and then to the raceways....

and then to the art room....note to self: C-man likes to eat paint, so lets stick to crayons and drawing for awhile....

he passed out in the car on the way home, with blue hands and a golf ball from the raceways area stored away in his pocket. 


  1. C man is a busy guy! Obviously momma has taught him well...only healthy options in his cart! Looks like he made lots of friends that day too!

  2. Good job Mommy....Cman knows what to buy....good example set.
    The Children's Museum is a great hands on learning experience. Love the pics...he is adorable.
    Love, Mom

  3. lol-adorable!! Never have been to the museum-looks cute.



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