baby girl bloomers

Rikshaw Design Darjeeling Bloomer
I have a few friends who are having {or recently had} baby girls. Since I obviously had a baby boy, baby girl clothes are a whole new world to me. Every time I go into a store to buy a present or just browse, I am constantly amazed at just how cute all the baby girl and little girl clothes are. Not to say that boy clothes aren't cute, too, but the little dresses, shoes and tights always get a little "awwww!" from me. Honestly, sometimes the little outfits are so darn cute I've even considered buying a few and keeping them on hand {just in case} for the future. I haven't gone to those lengths quite yet, but I have had to talk myself out of more then one purchase.

The one item that always catches my eye are little bloomers. I mean, how CUUUUTE are some of these??!! The little sailor bloomers shown below were the ones that almost made it out of the store with me....they matched with a little sailor dress, of course

Gymboree Stripe Ribbon Bloomer 

And these little blue polka dot ones are adorable, too

Petit Pan
Petit Pan

These Cutey Booty bloomers are made locally here in Charleston - they even have boxers and britches for boys....so adorable I can hardly stand it!

Cutey Booty Bloomers

Cutey Booty Britches
Cutey Booty Boxers

A big thanks to all my dear friends who are having girls so I have an excuse to buy pretty presents for all of  C's new lady friends :)


  1. these are adorable! i wish little boys could get away with wearing bloomers. i blame society.

  2. these really are over the top cute.



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