saturday afternoon & 16 months

Sometimes time seems to move as slow as molasses and sometime it moves at warp speed. Right now it's moving faster then I can keep up with because C-man is 16 months old today. What the what??!

For some crazy reason I felt like the month after his 1st birthday lasted forever - probably because we were still working on walking and each day was marked with very slow progress. Is he going to walk today?? Nope, guess not - maybe tomorrow??

But since then I'm not sure where the past four months have gone and now suddenly he's 16 months! It probably has something to do with the fact that little man is walking/running/climbing at roughly defcon 5 all. the. time and I barely have a moment to look at the calender to see what day it is.

I saw this diagram in a book yesterday and it made me laugh because it's so true...it's titled Seven Clocked Minutes of Nursery School Behavior

That little 18 month old is on the move and so is our little 16 month old :)

We went out to Sullivan's for dinner yesterday afternoon {I say afternoon because if we are eating out we are forced to eat at the early bird hour of 6pm these days so we aren't faced with a 16 month old meltdown} and we snapped these pictures of a few, rare calm moments where C was just sitting and hanging out.

His new favorite thing is to dip things in sauces...

The rest of the time was spent pulling all the napkins out of the holder, climbing on the table, dancing and bopping his head to the music, squirming around and walking up and down {and up and down and up and down - repeat, repeat, repeat} on the ramp and stairs outside.

Hope you all are having a great weekend and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Aunt Ally!!! xoxo


  1. What a sweet boy sharing his food with Daddy! I love that C-man is unfazed by the dip that is hanging from his mouth! :)

  2. If there is a cuter family, we have not seen it!! Great pics -

    G'Ma and G'Pops

  3. Ditto to both! You guys are a beautiful family! xo- Aunt Cristina



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