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I'm not sure what it was about diaper bags but when we were buying things before C-man was born I just wasn't all about hoping on the diaper bag train. I figured whatever we ended up with would be fine and realistically, I would probably be the type of mom who just threw a few diapers in my purse while we were out and that would be that. If needed, I'd just keep the diaper bag in the car and go back for reinforcements if something crazy happened.

Yeah, right.....um, what was I thinking? Clearly I didn't realize 20 diapers, wipes, snacks, juice, milk, a changing pad, disposable bags and a change of clothes would be required pretty much every time we left the house.  

And if I was feeling brazen enough to just "chance it" and not bring enough supplies for a small army of babies, then obviously Murphy's Law would take full effect and that would be the day we had a monstrous diaper explosion. I'd have to quickly rush out of Target with a pants-less C-man who was screaming bloody murder while sitting on a pile of paper towels to soak up the mess with me trying to move as quickly as possible to save everyone in the store from seeing his poop filled clothes and smelling my stinky baby. True story.

I even let Kyle pick out our diaper bag {gasp!} because he said if he was going to carry it, it HAD to look cool and manly. So, big surprise we ended up with this.....

The Skip Hop Duo Bag in Blue Camo. The bag itself is ok and I actually do like the blue camo. But it's definitely made for a guy to carry with a longer, thicker strap {messenger style} and let's be completely honest, even thought I'm not opposed to the camo, I don't exactly want to carry it with me whereever I go. It fits all the baby items, but there really isn't a good place fo rme to put my wallet, phone, keys, etc without them getting lost in the abyss of the center pocket.

So, fast forward to today. Kyle has carried the diaper bag roughly three times and its typically me carrying the diaper bag plus my own purse, all the while juggling a 26 pound baby. 

Methinks it's time to streamline the process and invest in a diaper bag that will carry everything I need in one bag and look good while doing it.

Agreed? Ok, here are some contenders. Suggestions, experience and opinions are welcome in the comments....

Timi & Leslie Charlie Tote - $150

I really like the bag shown above, especially in the tan version. The one below is the Mia Bossi diaper bag which is quite popular and despite being pretty pricey, has gotten good reviews and lasts forever.

Mia Bossi Maria Tangerine - $390

This one comes in black, too....
Skip Hope Studio Tote - $90

And naturally I loooove the Ikat one {also comes in brown and blue ikat} but I've heard it is on the small side...need to check it out in person....
OiOi Ikat Tote - $160

Heard great things about this MZ Wallace Kate bag....
MZ Wallace Bedford Nylon Kate - $390

MZ Wallace Fatigue Stud Pearl - $192 on sale
I've also always loved the Dwell Studio bags and patterns....
Dwell Studio Hudson Tote - $240
Dwell Studio Chocolate Dots Madison - $100

While I was researching diaper bags for this post I also happened upon a blog called Diaper Bag Junkies which at first glance seems to have loads of real-life reviews of the million of so diaper bags out there. Looks like I know what I'll be doing for the rest of nap time today... 


  1. Marisa, we have the same bag (just not in camo)! I really like the Orla Kiely baby bag and it is 50% off right now, I'm just not sure about the changing pad that is zippered on the bottom. I love all of your suggestions and will have to start hinting to Pat for a new one.

  2. Good minds think alike! I'll have to check out the Orla Kiely one -I usually love her prints. Thanks for the suggestion, Emily! Hope all is well with baby Kate - she's such a cutie!!

  3. get the $390 one



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