french inspired baby shower brunch

I feel a little funny just re posting these images from another blogger, but I find myself going back to her blog to look at them again and again, so I thought y'all might enjoy seeing them too. They are simply so pretty and tastefully done I just loooooove them! No store bought baby shower crap-ola in sight, it's all hand made and thoughtfully put together and exactly what I would want in a second baby shower {side note: kelly and tim, you guys did a fabulous job on our shower and we are forever grateful for that!!}

The shower was hosted by Grace, who writes a fab blog called Grace Happens, for her friend Alexis, who also writes another of my favorite blogs, Fern & Feather. I highly recommend checking them both out :)

I'm always a sucker for anything with mason jars and striped straws....

Grace stamped the rings herself on kraft paper and used pretty french striped napkins 

I'm drooling over the chocolate covered strawberries and ribbon skewers...and the rest of the food...

And look at this present!! A vintage schoolhouse chair! Such a thoughtful gift and completely fits with her aesthetic. So adorable and unique...

As parting gifts each guest was given a set of the french stripe towels wrapped in bakers twine with personalized, stamped wooden tags.

If you'd like to see more click here. What do y'all think? Beyond adorable, huh??!

all photos are from Grace Happens


  1. Beautiful! The setting and the details are fantastic! I'm with you on the "No store bought baby shower crap-ola" but I wouldn't mind seeing a few cute little onsies in the mix.

  2. Love love love! And I'll take notes on the "what I would want for a second baby shower" part, just in case :)

  3. I'm also guilty of going back to Grace Happens and looking at this post. Makes me wish I had a summer birthday so I can do a classy french themed brunch :)xo- Cristina

  4. i die for these images! so gorgeous and classy. And ditto on the mason jars and striped straws.

  5. I love the French towels! Where did you get them from?



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