babies galore this weekend

New babies and baby showers are the name of the game here these days....

Our friends Shannon and Jake had a beautiful baby girl last week and I was so excited to go visit them all in the hospital on Friday {mama shannon is second from the right in the photo}. She's so cute and little I'd forgotten just how small newborns are - and her hands and little feet - so tiny and adorable!

On Sunday, C-man spent the afternoon hanging with Dada while I went to a baby shower and put my onesie decorating skills to the test. Some of the designs were seriously impressive and I think a few of these ladies need to start their own onesie decorating business, too!

and of course, we also managed to squeeze in some swing time with our own baby, too.....

Hope you all had a great weekend, too! Look out for a post later this week about a project I'm finishing up at home - I love it and can't wait to share :)

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  1. That newborn is just precious! Connor looks like he's loving the swing :) xoxo aunt cristina



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