b is for......baaaaah!!!

So I had this cute little post planned called "B is for....beach!" with some photos I took of C-man out on Sullivan's this morning. But while I was working on the post, someone wandered into the other room and when I went to go searching for the little devil him, I found this....

Just hangin' on the mess of a table {ahem, Kyle....can you please clean your plans/work off the table now that the entire internet world has seen the mess. Okeydookey? Perfectawesomethanks....}

So now B if for BAAAAAH! what are you doooooing?? Which I've been saying an awful lot around here lately. This little incident wasn't even close to being the worst of them. If it was I certainly wouldn't have had a moment to snap a picture....

Honestly, I really have no idea how he gets his little body into these places so darn quickly. I mean, two seconds is seriously all it takes for him to D.E.S.T.R.O.Y something or shimmy himself way up high up on a piece of furniture....he's also pretty crafty at opening doors now, so I'm guessing it's only a matter of days until I find him outside with Red talking a walk to the playground.

Uustyd@@@#%jahsjdh????!!!!......I can just see the two of them strolling along now. BAAAAAH!


  1. This picture makes me nervous!!

  2. Breaking news: he's pretty good at opening GMa's doors. We were very concerned we would find C and Red taking a stroll through springfield picking up the little toddler ladies around the corner.

  3. Don't worry guys, he was just on his way to Philly to see Aunt Cristina :)



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