lions, tigers and BEARS!

Ok, well not bears (they were sleeping) but we did see lions and tigers and a whole lot more, like these big boys.....

And this was us when we saw them....

We weren't as excited to smell them, but what are you gonna do?! We made our way around the giant hill National Zoo yesterday and saw one awesome animal after another. The Zebras were my personal favorite and I heard a few people referring to their area as the "bachelor pad of the zoo" which I thought was pretty funny. 

The apes also put on quite a show and there was the most adorable little baby ape following his mama around, though sadly I wasn't quick enough to snap a good pic :( 

This guy was pretty entertaining and C-man just stared at him with huge, wide eyes. 

I was impressed he was paying so much attention. That is until I saw this sitting a few feet away....

and then he started saying "BALL, BALL!" and I realized why he was so focused. Of course....I should have know a regular old ball would be so more interesting than an APE!

Look closely and you'll notice a lion just hanging out in the shade...

and then we saw the craziest animal of them all....a blue checkered BABY! He was on the loose, roaming around on his own in the wild....

He was quick and hard to wrangle but eventually we caught him and took he home with us :)


  1. Looks like you guys had a great time! Connor has the best expressions! So happy to see some photos of you with him!!



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