kissy faces in DC

Hello, hello! So sorry for not posting sooner....I've clearly been a bad blogger....

We were visiting Kyle's family in DC this past weekend and after we got home on Monday it's just been one thing after another and blogging has clearly taken a backseat for the past few days. But backseat no more!

So, I was just flipping through my photos from the weekend to put together a sort of visual synopsis/photo montage of the weekend and for some crazy reason nearly every photo I took is of C-man making a kissy face.....??!

Exhibit A:

Are we in a kissy phase? Are there even kissy phases?? I didn't really realize it, but judging by the photos, it looks like we most definitely are. And I'll take it! Love me some sloppy kisses!

We had such a fun weekend and miss everyone already!! C-man send you all mucho kisses!!

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  1. kisssesss! ps: i think "kissy phases" do exist. i went through one in college..for a 6 month span literally every picture pose involved the (unattractive) kiss face. i must say however that connor pulls it off nicely!



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