first artwork

Isn't it beautiful?

As lovely as I'm sure I will think every piece of art C creates will be, this one isn't exactly my favorite....mainly because he created this masterpiece during the five seconds I had my back turned today. Oh yes, in five seconds he managed to climb on a table, swipe a highlighter and then go to town drawing - and scratching - on a piece of white furniture. He also left a trail of goldfish and faint orange spots where his little goldfishie fingers had been while he was drawing.

So now I shall go and hide all the pens....


  1. I have two prints hanging in my kitchen from West Elm that look very similar to this!

  2. Very creative and good use of the space - many strokes look like a "C" so I am sure he is well on his way to writing his name -

    Love, G'Ma



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