fishies, fishies everywhere

Fishies have been pretty popular around our house these days. C-man nearly eats his weight in Goldfish at every meal, we've been to the beach a few times recently and he's slowly understanding that the ocean is different then his bath {mainly because of the fishies} and now we are happy, new members of the South Carolina Aquarium {where there are LOADS of fishies}.

It was pretty hot here yesterday so instead of going to the park we decided to bite the bullet and join the Aquarium. By the way, a yearly family membership (or dual membership for two adults - kids under 2 are free anyway) is definitely worth it. At the aquarium here it's $25 per adult, per visit, or you can join for a full year for $65, which includes two adults. Just an FYI if you have little ones and plan to go more  then once per year...family memberships for kids older then 2 are a bit more expensive, but also worth it.

We spent about an hour walking around, seeing the fishies, an albino alligator {scary!}, a river otter that completely spooked C and playing in the "toddler cove" area, which he absolutely loved.

We also went to the touch tank but after the river otter incident, he wasn't exactly having it...

Check out the kid behind him - looks like he's about to go for a swim!

By the time we got to the giant tank he was feeling a little more comfortable, but then this swam by....

 ...so we decided to call it a day.

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  1. talk about some good wholesome family fun! so great



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