wedding + yoga opening

One rehearsal dinner, one wedding, multiple threats of a wedding day tornado {that luckily never happened}, lots of beautiful weather, a yoga studio opening, some serious diaper rash and finally some relaxing on Sunday evening.

After a crazy weather scare {the news predicted "vicious" rain and a tornado - yikes!} the weather on Saturday turned out to be a little windy, but sunny and beautiful for the big day. The wedding was a blast with lots of dancing - I don't think the bride left the dance floor once the entire evening!

This little guy had some serious moves on the dance floor...

On Sunday we went to the opening of a new yoga studio, Charleston Community Yoga, which I'm SO, SO, SO excited about! The new studio is actually replacing the old studio where I used to teach (The Turning Leaf) and will be a great new addition to the Charleston Yoga scene. All classes are donation based, including a baby yoga class I plan to take C to sometime soon. The party was packed and C had a great time walking around and looking at himself in the big mirrors.

As for the diaper rash, I guess a great weekend always has a curve ball thrown in somewhere, right? C has never really had a bad diaper rash but this weekend made up for all that. Picture two adults changing his diaper - one to hold his flailing hands up near his head and the second to wipe, apply Desitin and re-diaper as fast as possible. Each diaper change led to a total crying meltdown because he was in so much pain and all we could do was hold him, rock with him and wait for the pain to subside. I felt so bad for the little guy but luckily he's doing much better today and it looks like it's healing quickly. Anyone out there have any great tricks for bad diaper rash?

Sunday night we ordered thai takeout {Basil, yum!} and finally stopped moving around for a few hours. Hope you all had a great weekend and stay tuned for some exciting news I'll be announcing later this week!


  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Your dress looks beautiful! Is that an EmersonMade clutch I spy? I hope C-man's tush is feeling better!

  2. Good eye! Yeah, it's an emersonmade clutch G'Ma and G'Pops gave me for my bday. I love it!!

  3. These are some great pictures. The one of you and C-man is awesome!!! xoxo.



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