home alone + tasty shoes + pretty flowers

Hold the phone! Shut the front door!

I am ALONE in my own house right now....that NEVER happens. Or at least it hasn't happened in over a year...ok, well maybe once {briefly} a few months ago, but it wasn't for very long and I think I was on the phone the entire time.

So what am I doing with this precious time? Well, evidently I'm writing this blog post. Priorities, priorities, I suppose. I do have a glass of wine next to me on the table and I must say it's nice to let it sit there without any fear of a little man bee-lining it over to try to grab it.

While Kyle and C are out and about (picking up a tuxedo for our first wedding of the season- he's a groomsman) I have roughly an hour to blog post and just sit and do nothing. I actually secretly kind of miss them, even though they have only been gone for about 10 minutes, but I think I'll manage.

Anyway, C and I went to the park this afternoon and while he was swinging away he also discovered he could easily reach his shoes. So, naturally he tried to chew on them and I snapped a few pics of his contorted position. Looks like he is in a yoga pose or something and I must say, I am quite impressed with his flexibility. I guess they were pretty tasty because this went on for a few minutes before I finally separated them.

On the walk home we also passed some absolutely beautiful flowers in window boxes near the battery. I snapped a few photos because the colors were just so vibrant and beautiful I couldn't resist.

Hope you all are enjoying your down time, too :)


  1. Beautiful flowers - Loved the tulips the other day, as well. Enjoy the peace (and the wedding)!!


  2. shoes! nom nom. ps: tell kyle that you deserve/NEED marisa-days more often!

  3. Ha, ha....he is a little character. Maybe you need to feed him more! Love all the pictures.
    Love, Mom



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