happy easter!

Whaaaaaaaat? What? There's a fuzzy bunny that hops around on Easter?? Annnnnd he gives out candy??

Evidently, no one told Connor about all this....

So we took him out to Kiawah yesterday to see the Easter bunny in person.

He was mildly impressed, but much more interested in working on his new walking skills and hanging on stage with the band.

 Grabbing Daddy's {er, mommy's?} sunglasses is always a fun game, too.

Such as handsome little man! Especially in the outfit G'ma made, which once belonged to Uncle Blair. Happy Easter, everyone! and Happy Birthday {yesterday} to G'Ma!


  1. i LOVE his easter outfit! so presh. i can't believe he is already up and walkin too. yay connor!!

  2. OMG, he is so adorable. Love his classic sun suit...thanks, G'Ma and Uncle Blair for keeping it in such great condition. Love the hand action...where has he learned that? Can't wait to see you soon.
    Love, Mom



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