baby loves oranges?

So, ummm, our little man is currently obsessed with oranges. Normal? Weird? I can't decide but I definitely think this is leaning toward bizarre...

We have a giant box of oranges from Costco sitting on a shelf in the dining room and during mealtime he locks his eyes on it and yells "Ba!" "Ba!" and points at box and then looks at me and then back at the box. I try to play dumb sometimes and pick up something near the box and say "this?" but he looks at me like I have five heads and shouts "BA!" again and points back at the box until I say "orange? do you want an orange?" and he smiles and starts making this panting sound until I peel it and give him some. Today I moved the box to another room and he pointed toward the other room and shouted "Ba!" until I finally picked up the orange.

It's getting especially bizarre because this now happens in the middle of almost every meal, which means we have to pause the meal, peel and eat an orange and then we can continue eating our food. I end up eating most of the orange because I just break off small bite sized pieces for him, so I'm also eating a whole lotta oranges these days.

Cause for concern? Or lifelong love of citrus?


  1. Maybe he takes after his Aunt... I used to GUZZLE orange juice when I was a kid... :)

  2. ba! a little vitamin c never hurt anyone



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