three new tricks

Connor can now:

- Open the bathroom door
- Eat an apple off the core
- Hide Mommy's camera cord so she isnt able to download any photos

Yep, my camera cord is missing somewhere in this house, which is why I've only been able to use grainy blackberry pics for the past week or so {sorry!}. I've looked all ovet the place, including in his toy bins which is where it usually hides, so unless he ate it, it has to be here somewhere....

Also, I was eating an apple yesterday and he was very interested so I gave him a few bites and he liked it so much he wouldn't let me put it down.

And opening the bathroom door is his new trick. We have a lever handle so he can easily stand on his tip toes, grab it and push the door open. I didn't think he'd be able to reach it for at least a few more months, but now it's off to the baby-proofing aisle of Target we go!


  1. Awww- he's getting so big! Aunt Cristina needs to arrange a trip down to Charleston asap!

  2. His hands are almost the same size as his mommy's!



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