the rear facing car seat debacle

Last Friday we joyously celebrated the day after Connor's first birthday as "the day we were finally able to turn the car seat around". For months his little legs have been squished against the seat and it was so difficult to see him in the mirror we had attached to the head rest.

When we turned him around on Friday he immediately seemed happier and smiled at us for the entire car ride. I was able to hand him his juice or snacks and would make funny faces while we were stopped. It was such a relief to be able to see him and immediately know if he was asleep, awake, happy, sad, etc.

But then yesterday the American Academy of Pediatrics announced their recommendation that parents wait to turn their child's car seat around until after their second birthday.

Huh? What? Seriously....?

This article from the New York Times has been all over the news and I am feeling very torn about which way to face our baby. Clearly his safety is our number one priority and always will be, but now that we've crossed over to the "other side" {literally} the thought of turning him back around seems like torture. I definitely get it - but ugggh!

So, what are your thought? Anyone disagree with the article? Will you/ did you keep you baby rear facing until their second birthday?


  1. I heard about this the other day and was wondering if we (Canada) will be adapting this new law as well as I'm counting down the days that I can have Nate face forward. But of course, safety first right.

  2. I'm going until he outgrows this rear facing car seat, which is 35 lbs.

  3. oh wow - 35 lbs! that's impressive! isn't that roughly 4 years old?

  4. i was excited to move ellie around when she turns one, but i think we'll keep her in there longer now.

  5. The way my kid eats that might be Tuesday. And he's only 15 weeks old.



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