i love you, pilates reformer

If you are wondering what in the world that photo is, that's what I was doing this morning. It's a pilates reformer machine and I'm now completely in love with it.

I've taken pilates mat classes before and honestly really didn't like them at all. As someone who loves vinyasa flow yoga (i.e power yoga) the whole repetitive concept of pilates mat classes drove me absolutely nuts. I wanted to move around, not stay in one spot and repeat the same movement on each side, three times over.

So, I was skeptical about this pilates reformer business - mainly because it's still technically "pilates" - but much to my surprise it was completely different. I loved it so much I just spent 20 minutes online looking up how much it cost to buy my very own reformer. {by the way, it's roughly $2500, so that will not be happening anytime this century.....}

Overall, how it works is you use the resistance from various springs on the reformer to glide your body in and out of positions {click here for more info}. Your core and pelvis position are the two most important things to keep in mind throughout your movements and overall pilates is known for creating very long, lean muscles. We stuck with the basics today but I was itching to do more. There are some similarities to yoga (names of poses, overall concept, breath work, core, etc) but I really loved switching it up, getting off my yoga mat and giving pilates a shot. I've lost all the baby weight since having Connor but my body still doesn't feel as strong as it once was. After today, however, I feel muscles I'd long since forgotten about and honestly it feels good - addictingly good.

I never would have thought but I suppose you could call me a pilates convert, now.

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  1. I've also always been kind of skeptical of the pilates reformer because I'm not a big pilates fan. I would get bored during the classes. But I've secretly wanted to try the reformer machine-I think you've convinced me! I'm going to give it a shot :) xo.



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