well THAT just happened.....

After two weeks of snot, mucus and some "loose" diapers I didn't really think it could get much worse.

That is, until tonight when Connor threw up on me....

He's spit up on me before, but this wasn't spit up. It was full fledged puke and required a load of laundy, a shower for me and a bath for him. Of course he started laughing right when it happened, which actually made me laugh, too, because honestly what else was I going to do?? The poor little guy couldn't help it and I'm glad he burst out laughing rather then crying.

So anyway, eleven months into this Mommy thing and I've been puked on and lived to tell the tale. I knew this day would come at some point and on the plus side, it makes the snot seem like a breeze.


  1. hahaa i can't believe he started laughing! he's already learned that you can't get mad at him that way. i can just picture this whole scene, and it makes me smile. hope you're ok :)

  2. Poor you! Poor Connor! Is he OK? I'm surprised he starting laughing right after...you must have had some reaction! :)
    This pictures is so cute. The way Connor's right arm is extended, it looks like he took the photo.
    Feel better C-man!



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