park bench

Connor and I went on a walk downtown this afternoon in an effort to force myself to feel better. I figured a little fresh air couldn't hurt, right?

As we were walking down Broad Street I noticed an area next to City Hall that I'd never seen before. I've walked around downtown a million times, so it's pretty rare for me to find a space I've never seen, let alone a pretty large area on a major street. Anyway, we strolled around and pretended we were tourists for awhile. I snapped a few pictures while Connor made googly eyes at some of the ladies walking around. He does this thing where he locks his eyes on someone and stares at them until they finally look at him and then he flashes a big smile and giggles. It's pretty cute and seems to be his new thing when we're out. Such a little flirt!

I'm also happy to report Connor kept his shoes on the entire time {which typically never happens} and I'm even feeling a little better {woohoo}.


  1. it's funny you mention his shoes. I was just going to ask you where his shoes are from cuz they look pretty fitted. nate always kicks or pulls off his booties so I'm on the hunt for shoes that will stay on his feet!

    great photos. looks like you guys had a great afternoon. hope it helped and made you feel a little better, if not a lot!

  2. They are from Baby Gap, but Connor usually pulls them off, too. Another baby we know has a pair of fleece booties from Patagonia that seem great. They wrap around his feet and stay on all the time.

  3. I can't get over how big he is getting. I think its time for Aunt Cristina to come down and visit!! xoxo.

  4. Clearly it's warmer in Charleston than in DC - glad that the plague is in retreat - Great pics!

  5. Connor looks so grown up in these pictures. Can't wait to see him.
    Love, Mom



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