campaign furniture project

I've had a thing for refinishing furniture recenty. I love finding pieces that needs a litte TLC and turning them into someting beautiful. Case in point....this dingy, blah looking side table, which is a piece of vintage campaign furniture.

I removed the hardware and primed the entire thing with Zinssers. The brass needed some brightening so I scrubbed them with Bar Keepers Friend {which is awesome, by the way}. I then painted the piece with three coats of white paint. Once the paint had completely dried I wiped on two coats of Min-Wax Rub on Poly and let it cure for a few days. Then I re-attached the hardware and voila!

Here's is the final product....

Not bad for a nap-time project!


  1. Wow...nice job. You have all kinds of talent!

  2. Great job! It looks fantastic!
    I'm a big fan of DIY fix-er-uppers as well :)

  3. wonderful!!! you have a gift, marisa



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