2010: what a year

2010 has been quite a year. It blows my mind that at this time last year Connor was still growing in my belly and we hadn't even met him yet. I can't possibly imagine our lives without him and I'm not sure how we even managed before? Well, we probably did sleep a whole lot more, that's for sure...

Here are a few of my favorite photos from the past year. It was hard to narrow down the five million or so pictures I took this year to just a few, so there are many that were left out, but I figured this was a pretty good summary.

Tiff and Joe are here for the weekend and we are going out to an early dinner tonight at Husk Restaurant {very excited!} and then a few other people are coming over and we'll ring in the New Year at our house. Tomorrow is the annual polar bear plunge out on Sullivan's Island and a few people in this house are actually considering it {not me!}.

Thank you all so much for reading the blog over the past 12 months. I can only hope 2011 is half is wonderful as 2010 has been. Happy New Year!


wegmans and double carts

Apparently I'm one of the few who had not yet experienced the amazing-ness that is Wegman's Supermarket. After our million trips to DC this year we finally made it to a Wegmans and I must say, it was impressive. I've always wondered what parents do in the grocery store if they have a set of twins...how do they fit in the cart? do you leave them at home? do you put one in the basket area and the other in the seat? Well, that problem was solved for all Wegmans shoppers because they have double carts so you can fit TWO kids. Genius!

Anywhere where you can do all your shopping and grab a drink at the bar, while pushing your twins around in a cart is ok in my book. 

Wegmans, I wish you were closer to me.


playing with water

Connor discovered the faucet last night and had a grand old time with it. Tonight we're going to have him do the dishes :)


merry, merry

Connor's first Christmas has actually seemed like two Christmases {lucky kid!}. We were in NYC and NJ with my family for the actual day and now we are in DC with Kyle's family. Connor opened presents in both places, so as far as he's concerned this is one great, and lengthy, holiday!

We narrowly avoided the crazy snowstorm in NYC and by some miracle were on the last flight out of LsGuardia before the snow hit. Whew!

Here are some photos from the past few days. Hope you all had a fabulous Christmas!


reasons why i love christmas

1)   Christmas cards. Now that we have a baby I love taking cute and funny pics for a card. And I love getting funny ones in return. It’s so much more exciting then opening the mailbox and seeing the usual stack of bills and catalogues.

2)   Christmas lights! Ive already professed my love for string lights of any kind and Christmas is the perfect time to hang them up everywhere from your Christmas tree to your front porch. Plus, I love the added bonus of seeing twinkling lights in so many people’s windows and draped over trees in parks and along sidewalks.

3)   NYC at Christmas. The energy of NYC + holiday cheer (lights, music, crazy widow decorations, etc) = love. My family has been going to NYC for Christmas since before I was born (30+ years). I love NYC anyway, but the added energy around the holidays truly makes it a special place to spend the holiday.  When I was in high school and college everyone would convene in the city a few days before Christmas to catch up and hang out and it’s always been my favorite time of year to be there. It just wouldn’t be the holidays without it to me.

4)   Family. I live pretty far from most of my family and Christmas is usually the only time I really get to see them throughout the year.

5)   Giving gifts. Ok, yes, I do like to receive them, too, but I get such a high out of picking out the perfect gift for someone and then seeing them enjoy it. For me, it’s truly better then (almost) any gift I open for myself (ok I’ll be honest, there are a few exceptions to that).

6)   Christmas shopping. Despite the insanity that can accompany Christmas shopping I secretly love it. Doing my Christmas shopping in July just isn’t for me. I need the experience of the crowds and the lines and the craziness to feel like it’s really Christmas. Sounds weird, I know….

7)   Santa. Ok, well obviously not because I still believe, but because how crazy is it that you can convince a child that a man in a red suit slides down your chimney secretly at night, eats a few cookies, drinks a glass of milk, leaves them presents and then disappears into the night? I was in a store the other day and a little girl was walking around and pointing at toys she wanted and kept saying “ooh, mommy, can you add this to my list for Santa?” and her mom wrote it down on a piece of paper for her. Yes, I do agree it certainly shouldn’t be all about presents for kids, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more adorable. 


doggie play date

Look at this little nugget!

My friend, Cristina, just welcomed this little 11 week old pup, Maxwell, into her family and he's so cuddly and adorable. They came over to play yesterday afternoon and Red was very excited to have a friend over. There are usually too many humans in this house :)

Connor was giggling and smiling at Maxwell, too. It was the first time he's been around a little puppy and I wasn't sure how he would react. He threw his hands up a few times and made some "ba!" noises {which mean "ahhh!" in connor-speak, i think} but once he felt comfortable he wouldn't stop looking at him and flashing snaggletooth smiles.


it's ok to play with your food

How cute are these food face plates?

charleston wedding weekend

I never thought I'd be able to say it, but our 2010 wedding season is now officially complete.

Our friends Ashley and Chris were married this weekend in Charleston and despite it being a cold and rainy day, the wedding was beautiful and we had a blast. How can you not when there are Kayne glasses involved?

G'Ma and G'Pops were also in town for the wedding {and tore it up on the dance floor!} as were lots of Kyle and Chris' friends from high school.

{this one cracks me up, erin...sorry, i had to post it!}

In retrospect I wish we weren't holding beers in our hands in the photo above, but what are you gonna do.

Congratulations to Ashley and Chris! We wish you all the best and hope you have a wonderful honeymoon!

....only four months until our 2011 season starts!


shake it


Last month was 70's disco month at our Gymboree music class and Connor learned to "shake his booty"....but now he has discovered another way of shaking it.

He does this new trick all the time now and it's especially funny when I ask him a question and he shakes his head "noooooo".


look on the bright side

Today hasn't exactly been a great one. Connor had a doctors appt this morning and had his round of shots, plus a flu shot, and might be getting an ear infection. Then my car literally started smoking on the drive home and then my phone completely died, though luckily JUST after I called Kyle to rescue me and AAA to tow me to the shop.

Just fabulous...

However, on the brighter side a nice gentleman took a look at my car while I was waiting and said it looks like a crack in the radiator {likely from the cold weather} and can be fixed rather easily. Then the manager from Chic-Fil-A {where I was waiting for the tow truck} brought me some food {for free!} and I just now went onto the Verizon website to see about a new phone and I just upgraded my Blackberry and am having the new one overnighted to me for free!

Um, can I say hallelujah to some much needed bad karma that turned itself around?!

And just passing on the info, if you have Verizon and are eligible for an upgrade, I highly recommend ordering it online because they apply the rebate instantly and will overnight it to you for free. How awesome is that?

Waiting to hear back from the car place to see what the problem is and am crossing my fingers and hoping the guy was right about the crack...then off to the pharmacy to pick up some preventative ear infection medication for Connor.

Hope you all are having a good one {whether it started out that way or not!} And a huge thank you to the very nice man at Chic-Fil-A, the tow truck driver, the car repair man, Kyle and Verizon Wireless!


help, i'm stuck!

Ok, so we have some drool and chapped cheeks going on here, plus one very stuck baby. Sorry, I know the photos are horrible quality but this was too funny not to share. If you could have heard his grunts and noises you would probably be laughing as hard as I am right now, too. Recently he's been a purse thief and manages to hijack my purse every time I leave it lying around. He likes to chew on the strap {yeaa, teething!} but this time he got STUCK in the strap and couldn't get out. 

Picture a 24lb baby crawling around on the floor, grunting and trying to get my attention so I could save him.

I did {of course} but had to snap a few photos first :)



Mmmm, mmmm, I love chicken! And red meat!

And I love to get it all over my face!

I don't care if it looks like soup because I can't chew, yet. Now that I've moved on from just eating veggies I can now eat a combination of protein and veggies and it's so yummy and fills my belly! It's almost as good as what Mommy and Daddy eat at dinner. Shhh....don't tell anyone, but I think Red is jealous, so I try to slip him a treat when Mommy isn't looking :)


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