drink it up

It's sippy cup time! Two hands, all by himself!



I know this blog is mainly about Connor and baby related things but I simply have to share my love for this beautiful new clothing line called EmersonMade. It's designed by a husband and wife team who moved from NYC to the upstate and pull lots of inspiration from their country surroundings. It began as an ETSY store and has now morphed into a clothing and accessory line.

I like it....a lot.

I think this belt is by far my favorite. In either width...

And I'm kind of obsessed with these clutches.

And their gorgeous handmade flower necklaces (there's the belt again, too!)

Ironically, my birthday happens to be in a a few weeks. Just sayin'...

spoon in hand, ready to move

Someone is ready to crawl.

Right now he is worming himself around by pushing up on his arms and sliding backward or tucking his toes under, pushing his tush in the air and inching forward like a caterpillar.

Maybe he really is a little bug?


daddy's hat

Spatula...check! Daddy's hat....check!

I'm ready for action!




lowcountry artist market

I am THRILLED to announce Vinyasa Mama will be a vendor at the Lowcountry Artist Market in Charleston on Saturday, November 13th from 10am - 3pm. The artist market includes many local ETSY sellers, artists and craftspeople who will showcase their wares in a special Holiday market. Admission to the event is free so I hope to see you there!

I better get busy silkscreening onesies! I might also have a few new items up my sleeve :)

If you'd like to read an article about the upcoming artist market click here. Or, if you'd like to see a video from the first artist market this past June, please click on the video below {if you can't see it, click here instead}. The video was created by the fashion editor of Charleston Magazine and gives you a great idea about what the market will be like this go around.


blue eyed boys

These two now have a very similar 'do :)


teething baby

All I'm hoping for right now are teeth.

And I'm hoping that those teeth will then bring us some sleep.

That is all.



We are in the market for a new highchair and I've been researching the options. So far The Joovy Nook seems like the best option for us. I like how the tray swings open and also how it folds up and is able to be stored in a closet. Here it is in orange but I think we would get the white color...
I've considered simply getting a booster seat or a Phil & Ted's portable seat that attaches to the table, but I think Connor would really enjoy having his own "real" seat for meals and also to play in while I'm making dinner. Plus, it seems like feeding a baby in one of the Phil & Ted's might be hard because they are facing a different angle? 

I'm also interested in the IKEA Antilop high chair which has received really positive reviews and is only $20. Yep, I did just say $20....how crazy is that? It's kind of minimal looking but a big positive is that food doesn't get stuck in crevices and it's $20.
I'm not sure why I'm so drawn to the space-agey look for high chairs but the Boon Flair is also kind of cool, though more pricey then the Joovy and it doesn't fold up.

And the Tripp Trap by Stokke is very popular, but to me seems better in theory then reality. It's concept is that it grows with the child and transitions from highchair to real chair through adulthood and provides a seat at the table for them when they are too big for their high chair but still too small for a real chair. 


pumpkin patch weekend

Well hello! Sorry for not posting on Friday.

We had a great fall weekend here. Beautiful weather, a new set of tires, a phish concert, football, the pumpkin patch, a hay ride and a Sunday evening BBQ with friends. Can't get much better then that...

To top it off, Connor met a goat! I think he probably thought it was some sort of weird looking dog, but he did seem fairly interested in it. We met this goat (and a rabbit, though he was less interested) at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. A word to the wise, go to the pumpkin patch earlier in the season or all the pumpkins will be picked over. Oh, and also remember to bring a hat...and the Bob.


halloween sneak peek

Here is a little preview of Connor's Halloween costume. It's too funny and I could barely stop laughing long enough to take a picture.

I'm secretly so excited to have an excuse to go trick-or-treating again, too....let's just hope Daddy doesn't eat all the candy.


last night at the grocery


yoga bliss

My totally amazing gym has babysitting! Why didn't I take advantage of this months ago??

We just got home from our first experience in the "kid zone" and I was really impressed. They seem very organized, have lots of toys/bouncers/exersaucers on hand, keep a low ratio of adults to kids and are right on site. Plus, the space is huge and all the kids seemed really happy to be there. All you need to do is drop them off with a diaper, milk (if necessary) and anything else you might want to leave with them and that's it.

So at noon, I waived goodbye to Connor and off I went to 60 bliss full minutes of yoga. 60 minutes is a shorter class then usual, but certainly more then I've had in months, so I'll take it. I was a little worried about how he might react to being in a room full of kids and strangers, but when I picked him up an hour later he was rolling around on the mat, giggling and happy as could be. They said he did a great job and did cry for a few minutes after another baby also started crying, but otherwise was fine.

He fell asleep immediately in the car on the drive home and now that we're home is still conked out in his car seat.

We will definitely be taking advantage of this again :)


ten ten weekend

am very happy it's Monday today. I'm happy because it means Daddy is back from the last of his bachelor parties (this one was in Austin, Texas) and isn't planning to go anywhere else (without us) anytime soon. Phew!

Today is also Columbus Day and it means the mailman isn't coming, so we have yet another day free from Red's mail slot/mailman craziness :)

The past weekend felt like a long one...I suppose spending 24/7 with an infant will do that to you! Connor and I did some fall clothes shopping (he now has the cutest pair of dark wash jeans!), went to the Farmer's Market, stopped by the Yoga Marathon, strolled on King Street, went to the beach, discovered sand (!) and played endless games of "peek-a-boo" and "lights on/lights off". We also spent some time on the play mat trying to crawl and have almost mastered clapping. Exciting stuff!


silly mama!

Oh, mama, you're so silly! You were hanging out with me all day and didn't have a chance to take any new pictures or post anything on the blog!

Well the cloud has lifted a bit here and we are feeling better and enjoying some warmer weather. My side-kick and I are planning to head to the farmers market tomorrow morning and might even stop by the yoga marathon. Hmmm...Connor and Yoga will officially meet for the first time. I wonder what he will think?

Happy weekend, everyone!



The most difficult lesson I've learned over the past six and a half months as a mom is to keep my expectations extremely low. As in virtually non-existent low.

If I have a day's worth of to-do items to accomplish it is inevitable that nothing will get done and as a result I'll feel like I failed. That to-do list I'm talking about is usually pretty simple things like put the dishes in the dishwasher, take out the trash, respond to an email, do something with my hair so I can stop feeling like a slob. Things like going to a yoga class, working on my graphic design projects and sleeping aren't ever on the list anymore. If I add them, or even think about them, feelings of disappointment and frustration set in when they aren't accomplished and I'd just rather not even enter into that spiral. It's a slippery one for sure.

The type A/ambitious/competitive personality in me (i think it still exists?) wants to plan it all out and get everything done so I can move on to other things and maybe, just maybe, have 5 extra minutes to spare. Maybe even tackle a personal goal, such as run a half-marathon? But then there is always another diaper to change, a baby to be calmed or a dinner to be made.

People warned me about sleep deprivation and all that comes with having a young baby but I honestly never though that would be me. Surely I had it in me to rise above it all and prove that it could be done  and be done well. I've been running on adrenaline for 6 months and every night I think, if I can just get one more hour of sleep I'll be able to tackle it all. Well that hasn't happened yet and I've learned that I need to remove that expectation from my head because at the moment it's causing more harm then good.

I know one day I'll look back on this time and long for the days when Connor was small and dependent on his mama. In the meantime I'll just keep loving that toothless smile. Luckily it brings me so much more joy then having a clean sink.


a fall walk

No teeth yet and we're still feeling pretty blah here. I forced myself out of the house this morning (armed with tissues) hoping a walk in the sunshine would help me feel better. Luckily, it worked. Here are a few pics of our walk. I especially love the little toes resting on the stroller bar :)


where are you, teeth?

We're all feeling under the weather here. Well everyone minus Red. He seems ok, except, of course, for his usual craziness.

The rest of us are sniffling, congested and tired. Connor seems to be at the worst of his teething and is up multiple times a night again, which isn't doing much for feeling better.

Where are you, teeth??? I keep thinking any day now we're going to wake up and see two bottom teeth, but nothing yet...I can feel them, so I know they are there, but they're certainly taking their time to make an appearance.

Please come soon!


50 best

Personally, I read a lot of blogs. They are a fantastic resource for all things design (graphic design/ interior design/ life in general) plus they are easy to read while nursing or when I have a few free minutes. They are typically updated daily -or even multiple times a day- and helps keep me feeling connected to the outside world rather then the baby bubble I currently live in.

So, I was excited to see a list of the 50 best design blogs for mom's listed today. A few of my favorites are listed (Oh Dee Doh, Oh Happy Day, Young House Love) but there are a number that are completely new to me.  If you like blogs too, click here for the list.


welcome to october

Well hello, October!

The sun is shining today and it's a beautiful, crisp, sunny (!) fall day. It feels as though the calender flipped to October and suddenly it's fall. It makes me want to dig out my scarves and eat some apples! We might just have to plan a trip to the mountains soon to see the changing colors....

The big men are out golfing for Uncle Blair's bachelor party and the little man and I are headed out for a walk. Happy Friday!


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