connor on the move

Since discovering how to flip from his back to his belly, Connor has taken full advantage of his new found freedom. I turned my back for 2 seconds this morning while he was on his play mat and suddenly he was turned the opposite direction and in a completely different location - almost under the glider, nonetheless.

He giggles every time I find him in a new spot, too. I think he might have a secret plan and maps out  these new routes before hand.


new duds

I think he likes his new clothes :)


one year

It occurred to me this morning that I started this blog about a year ago. I looked back and checked the official date and it just so happens to have been exactly one year ago today...

A year ago I never imagined we would end up with such an adorable, smiling little man as Connor. I am so happy to be his mommy and can't wait to see what the next year brings.

Happy blog anniversary to vinyasa mama and thank you all for reading :)


attack of the giant baby

Beware of the chubby cheeked baby! He was just here and left a trail of diapers, toys and pacifiers. He's on the move and headed your way!


the little gym

We took this party to the little gym this morning for Connor's first activity class. He's part of the "little bugs" group for 4-10 month olds, which mainly focuses on developing basic motor and social skills, body awareness, balance and coordination.

There were only three bugs this week - all boys! - and all three of them were active little guys. We sang songs and started with some arm, shoulder and leg movements on the mat. Next up was the parachute and Connor loved laying on top of it as we shook it around. A second after I took this pic he flipped onto his belly and started eating the fabric...
We also took them under the parachute, which he wasn't really loving, and then over to the big bugs area to play around on the bars and with the larger foam pieces.
At first he liked the incline block - which helps promote crawling - but once he started sliding down he changed his mind...
We finished with bouncing balls, rolling on the mat, bubbles and the closing song. It was all very cute and Connor was really interested in interacting with the other babies. He and another little boy, Samuel, played for a few minutes on the mat and made smiley faces at each other.

It took about 5 seconds for this happy bug to fall asleep once we got in the car :)


it's time to wake up, already??

I can barely remember what it was like to have a baby who slept in a bassinet and woke up multiple times throughout the night. Oh wait...ok, maybe I can. Five months without sleep doesn't go away that quickly.

I found this little one just hangin' in his crib the other morning. No crying, no fussing, just hanging out on his belly, looking around. I think I may have even disturbed him. Sorry Connor, I'll knock first from now on :)


licks for free


my toys are yummy


I found my tongue!


Beach Reading

Connor and I went to the beach yesterday afternoon and while I was reading my book, he was battling with his. 
and finally...the book won


Transitioning to a Crib...Success!

Who's in there?
I see you!!

After many, many false starts it's seems as though this little bug has finally taken to his crib. G'Ma and G'Pops were here last weekend and I have to credit them with getting us over the hump and making the transition happen. They stayed in Connors room/guest room with him and handled the 1:00am freak out and late night feeding for two nights in a row. It helped me get some (much needed) sleep and helped Connor get used to the crib and spending the ENTIRE night in there, not just a few hours. We've keep it up for the past few nights and it seems to be working!

The addition of solid food also helps him stay asleep longer, which makes a big difference. We fed him rice cereal at around 8:45pm last night (late, I know, but we were at our neighbors for dinner) and he was in his crib by 10pm. He did wake up at around midnight and fussed for a few minutes but Kyle checked on him and he fell back asleep almost immediately. Up again at around 12:30, so I checked on him and his blanket had come off. I fixed it and he fell asleep again within minutes. 

He stayed asleep until 4:30am when he woke up to nurse. I went in, nursed him and he went back to sleep without a problem until almost 9am when he started making sounds. I'm hesitant to say we are out of the woods quite yet, but some serious progress has been made. Once we have a solid two weeks or so of crib sleeping under our belt I'll be able to breathe a sigh of relief. 

On Monday night I found myself awake until almost 3am, just laying in bed, listening to the monitor, waiting for a sound. It's an adjustment to have my baby so far away but I'm just going to have to get used to it. I paid the price all day on Tuesday and walked around like a zombie. Cranky definitely doesn't agree with me (sorry, kyle!)

So...it's exciting to think sleep is on the horizon here. I've missed it!


5 Months and the Super Duper Ultra Playmat

What's a five month old boy to do? After flipping from back to belly to back again, our normal play mat was hard pressed to contain this squirmy, muscle man. So, thanks to G'Ma and G'Pops, super baby has graduated to a new GIANT play mat. 

This mat has two sides (the alphabet and a fantasy scene) and is very squishy and prefect for a growing baby who will likely have a few tumbles as he learns to crawl and walk. Despite its size, it does roll up easily and even comes with a strap so you can throw it in the car and take it to a friend or relatives house with you. Thanks, G'Ma and G'Pops!

In other exciting news, Connor is 5 months old today! How crazy is that?! Just about as crazy as the torrential rain we had this weekend...our street turned into an ocean and the water was lapping at our stairs...



I can't get enough of this video. Connor has discovered his laugh and it's so cute :)


Gliding with Daddy

The best way to get him to snooze :)

Ah...{a little bit of} Sleep!

These little feet
Were attached to this sleeping baby last night. 
After two night of barely sleepng at all, he finally slept {almost} through the night. 

Thank You Solid Foods!


Get Up, Stand Up

We're still working on sitting, but standing has become his new favorite thing.


Solid Food Baby

Big news here! Connor is eating - or rather slurping - solid foods. So far I've realized that is both a good and a bad thing.

The good = It's a milestone for him and he's growing up.

The bad = He's growing up!

At our four month doctors appt our pediatrician mentioned Connor would be fine to start solids whenever we thought he might be ready. The recommended age is between 4-6 months, so we figured five months would be a good compromise. Plus, he just seemed ready. He was waking up more frequently throughout the night and seemed to be wanting "more". All signs a baby is ready for solids.

We don't even have a high chair yet, so we improvised by sitting him on Daddy's lap on the sofa. Smart, right? I thought it was a disaster waiting to happen (sofa, food and baby isn't the best combo) but we managed...sort of. This was the final product:
Not too bad.

We fed him Gerber rice cereal mixed with breast milk. Doesn't this look yummy?
He started off a little confused about exactly what he was going to eat. For awhile the bib looked tastier then the cereal.
Once we got the technique down, things ran a little more smoothly
Thank god for bibs with pockets to catch the food. Great invention.
After a quick bath and change, we had one happy baby!


Look Mom, All By Myself!


Wedding Season Continues...

Wedding season continued this weekend and we went to our friends, Chloe and Preston's wedding at Magnolia Plantation. Magnolia is just outside Charleston and was an absolutely beautiful setting for a wedding. The reception was in the carriage house and I loved the rustic look and the beautiful flowers and decorations they used. The food was excellent, the drinks were flowing and dancing was a blast! Congratulations Chloe and Preston!

Our neighbors watched Connor for the evening and although it was nice to have a few hours away, I missed him! He was asleep when we got home but I woke him up to feed him (it was either that or pumping and I decided to risk it). When his eyes opened and he realized Kyle and I were looking at him he made the cutest little smile and looked so happy to see  us. It was adorable :)


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