Orange Man

Connor has crossed the line from 0-3 months clothes and has entered into the exciting world of 3-6 month sizes. Isn't he 4 and a half months, you might ask? Well, yes he is, but baby clothes are a crazy thing. I've found each brand is different and you have to try it on them to tell. 

This little outfit is from the Baby Gap and was given to us by the Floods (thanks!) and the sneaker socks are Trumpette from my mom (thanks!). 

We are retiring many of the onesies he's been wearing for the past few months bcause they are just too small now. I'll admit, I got a little sad folding up the itty bitty clothes, especially the footed onesie outfit he came home from the hospital in. I held it up to him the other day and the bottom of the feet only reached to his knees! Now it's on to bigger things for this little boy. 


Creative Maternity Ideas

I love creative ways of documenting pregnancy. I took a few maternity photos with a photographer friend of mine and even started this blog as a way of recording the process so my future baby could see what life was like as we anticipated their arrival. There really isn't anything like the journey of pregnancy. There is so much excitement, anticipation, terror (I'm going to be a parent!?) and bloating (did anyone see my feet from weeks 30-39?) that comes with expecting a baby. And to think that at the end of the pregnancy, it really isn't an end at all, it's simply the beginning.

Anyway, I'm fascinated by the creative ways people document their pregnancy and the couple over at Pacing the Panic Room did a fabulous job. Each week they took a photo of the mom's growing belly and wrote a note to their baby. I've seen their photos a few times, but just happened upon their newest project The Walk to 40 Weeks 
{both images from pacing the panic room}


Am I an owl or a penguin?

This little fur ball used to belong to Connor's 10 year old cousin, Brittany. Brit had the stuffed animal at my sisters wedding last  month and it caught Connor's eye pretty quickly. In fact, it was the only thing I've ever seen that could stop him from crying in about one second flat. Brittany was so sweet and left the little guy for Connor when they left. 

Connor loves it, but we still can't tell is it's an owl or a penguin...any ideas?


Mila's Daydreams

These photos are one of the most creative ideas I've seen in a long time and are so incredibly adorable I can't stop looking at them. They've been re-posted all over the blog world today, but here are a few of my favorites.

Mila's mom creates these scenes and photographs her daughter in them during nap time. Click on her blog here to see more.

Playtime with Daddy


What to do with an infant when its 114 degrees?

We've been experiencing record temps here in Charleston for the past month or so and there isn't an end in sight. With the heat index yesterday it was something like 114 in Charleston...!? It's usually hot, but not quite THIS hot. The humidity is a killer and makes anything you have to do outside a nightmare. My sunglasses steam up when I walk outside and going through the process of securing Connor in his car seat (which only takes about 1 minute) feels like a sweaty workout.

So...walking anywhere in the stroller and going to the beach with Connor are pretty much out. At 4 months he's still too young to go to other indoor activity places like the children's museum so instead our days have been  spent inside at home playing on the play mat, in his jumparoo, singing, reading, playing with Red and taking quick trips to run errands just to get out of the house. After a few days, though, it's all gets kind of repetitive - even for Connor. Plus, how many quick trips can we make to Target? I drove all the way out there the other day just to pick up dishwashing detergent because we needed a change of scenery.

Getting creative is really the only option. Literally. A friend gave us a package of art canvases at our baby shower and I've been wanting to use them for months now. So, yesterday seemed like the perfect time. We used our hand prints - and in one case paw prints - and made a print for each of us, Mommy, Daddy, Connor and Red. Connor and Red's were a little difficult and smudged but I like that they are a little messy and random.

Ok, one project down, now we need another one for today....and tomorrow. An artic blast would be welcome, too.


Sugar Snap Pea

Thankfully we have a brand new baby boutique in Charleston with adorable (and useful!) baby items. There have been a few baby boutiques on King Street over the years but either they haven't lasted or they tended to sell overally embellished baby items. Well, thanks to Sugar Snap Pea Charleston finally has a baby boutique with clothes, gear and toys I would actually buy. Plus, it's just around the corner from our house. Score!

Connor and I strolled over to the grand opening on Wednesday night to check it out and were pleasantly surprised with how awesome the space looks (check out their website for pics). They even had a space for "stroller parking" which is genius. As we were walking around looking at the items I heard Connor giggle and realized he was turned and laughing and smiling at all the other babies in the store. We also met another 4 month old - a girl - and Connor was chatting her up as much as he could. What a little ladies man!
Mom- this pic is for you so you can get your baby fix for the day!


Thank You Notes

I'm extremely behind in my thank you notes these days...along with my silk screening, email replying and general message respnding. I am determined to catch-up and improve my response time now that Connor is getting a bit more independent and I can put him down for loger periods to get things done.

I saw these DIY cards on a blog today and think they are adorable. Click on the link for a how to if you'd like to make them yourself.

{image from WREN Handmade}


Someone can eat their own feet....

Maybe Connor will cook us dinner tonight?

How cute is this play food set from Ikea? I just saw a post about it on Oh Dee Doh and think it's adorable. Great for a toddler learning about food names and cooking along with Mommy and Daddy. The last time Reese was here she had a box full of kitchen toys she brought to play with for the afternoon. I thought it was so cute....

I also remember having a play kitchen when we were little and loving it. Maybe we can spark Connor's interest in food and he can start cooking dinner?!


Surf & Turf Onesie Collection

I am pleased to introduce you to Birdie, Ringer and Swell. They are currently for sale at Open House in Charleston and also online at ETSY

Now that I finally have onesies back in stock, I'm finishing up the rest of the recent orders today and will be shipping them out ASAP. Back to silk screening!


Sunday Funday

We had a fantastic day yesterday hanging out at Kelly and Tim's pool (thanks, guys!). Aunt Cristina and two of her friends were in town for the weekend so we tried to show them a typical, lowcountry summer day. Connor put his swim trunks on again (well, actually I put them on for him) and spent most of the afternoon in the water. Turns out the beach tent we have for him works just as well at the pool and is a great way to keep him nearby, but provide a shady, protected spot for naps. Notice the hand still touching the toy - he won't let it go...
Connor was infatuated with a Red Las Vegas coozie - should we be worried about that??!

We wrapped up the day with dinner at Hometeam BBQ on Sullivan's and this little man was exhausted by the end.
I'm finishing up a large onesie order for Open House and will post pics of the new designs when I'm done. Get excited - they're cute!


Growing Baby

We had a doctors appt this morning for Connor's 4th month check-up and he is happy and healthy as can be. He's now a whopping 15lbs (plus a few ounces) and is 25 inches long. He's gained about 4.5 lbs and almost two inches in the past two months. 

There was a one month old baby in the waiting room with us and I can't believe how little he looked - it really made me realize how much Connor has grown from a newborn into a baby. Next check-up is at six months and I can only imagine what a little chubbster he will be by then.

Off to silk screen the new onesie designs...

also, a big happy birthday to aunt ally!


New ETSY Items

You may have noticed a few recent additions to my ETSY shop. If not, take a look! I'll be adding even more designs in the next few days, so stay tuned. 

I re-stocked on onesies today so I'm hoping to get back to silk screeing tomorrow. My supplier has been out of all but newborn sizes recently and they finally have larger sizes back in - phew!

Can't wait to show y'all the new designs!


OMG...We really have a baby!?

I just returned from Target and am still wearing the same t-shirt I slept in last night. I haven't washed my face, my hair is thrown up in a messy bun and I can't remember if I brushed my teeth this morning. Honestly, I really can't remember (actually I'm pretty sure I didn't which is gross - I know!)

I went to Target because a ride in the car is the only way I could think of to calm Connor down, plus I figured a little sunlight might do me some good. Now we're home, Kyle is playing with Connor and I just re-read my post from earlier. I have another browser window open with comments from a "mom" website/bulletin board about 4 months old and how they don't sleep/nap/etc and I'm laughing out loud at some of the responses because I can completely relate.

Oh my god, it just hit me that we really have a baby and this is our life....

Not that I'm not happy about that, please don't get me wrong, the reality of it all just really hit me this time and I thought I would share.

Middle of the night baby dance parties

Yep, that's right. This baby wants to dance at 2am and Mommy, most certainly, does not.

I was feeling pretty good about his sleep patterns and even began transitioning him to his crib, but he's about to hit the 4 month mark and sleeping at night has gone to sh*t. He's awake every two hours at night and napping during the day is in 10-15 minute increments (if at all).

Luckily, we are not alone. Apparently it is typical for sleep patterns to unravel at the 4 month mark for babies, so I don't feel quite as bad about all of this. However, that really doesn't help when I want to tear my hair out at 2am or when I still feel like a walking zombie at 2pm. And from what I gather this disturbed sleeping pattern can continue until 9 months (?!).

Evidently, a growth spurt combined with his broadening interest in the world is to blame. He wants to play, he wants to move around, he wants to make funny noises and he wants to dance....but I can't really blame the little guy. If I had any energy at all, that's probably what I would want to do too.


Summer Saturdays

I finally convinced Kyle to trade the Wold Cup for the beach on Saturday and we headed out to Sullivan's with some friends. We only lasted for an hour at the beach until the wind picked up and the rain clouds rolled in, so we packed it up and went over to Kelly and Tim's new house. Luckily the rain held off for a few hours and we were able to play around in the pool for awhile. Connor was in the water for about 30 min and did such a great job! Sorry I don't have any pictures of the little swimmer, but we did dunk him (we blew in his face first to get him to hold his breath and close his eyes) and although he was startled, he handled it well (no crying!) and I hope he'll understand what's going on if we try it again.

After his swim, he was exhausted....btw, the pink cheeks are prob because he had been laying on my chest.  Don't worry, it's not a sunburn!


Crib Attempt, Night One.....Fail!

Well, we attempted night number one in the crib last night. How did it go?

Mission FAILED.

The preparation was great. I gave him a quick, warm bath, put him in his cozy Halo Sleep Sack, nursed him and tried to wind things down so he understood it was time to sleep. I finally put him down around 10:30 and two minutes later he was crying. I thought he might still be hungry so I nursed him again and rocked him a bit and then at 11pm put him down again and he appeared to be completely out. I got ready for bed and was feeling pretty good about everything - maybe this was going to be easier then I thought!

Yeah, right......just as I was drifting off to sleep WAAAAHHHH echoed through baby monitor. I hoped up, went into Connor's room and found him flailing his arms around and literally screeching at the top of his lungs. Connor has a few different cries and this one was most definitely "Where am I? Get me out of here STAT!" I tried to gently talk to him, I held his hands, I gave him a pacifier - which he defiantly spit out of his mouth - and finally I caved in and picked him up. I rocked him for a few minutes and he seemed to quiet down so I slowly put him back into his crib. The second his head hit the mattress his eyes flipped open and WAAAAHHHHH!

So I repeated the process thinking the third time would be the charm, but once again the moment his head hit the mattress, WAAAAHHHH!

At this point it was 1:00am and admittedly I was exhausted and feeling defeated so I brought him back into our room, put him in his bassinet and he fell sleep immediately.

Attempt number two is tonight. Fingers crossed we both last a little longer....


Reading Monkey

Kyles friends gave us the cutest Monkey onesie and The Story of Babar a few months ago. Connor is finally big enough to wear the onesie so we dressed him in it and introduced him to his new little elephant friend. He loves the pictures! Thanks David and Karolina!


Girls and Boys

Reese and Connor were so cute yesterday. I wish I had more pictures of them but I was pretty busy chasing them both around. Well, it was more like me chasing Reese around while holding Connor who was giggling and making cute noises most of the time. I think he really enjoyed seeing another little face and Reese was very sweet with him. When I put him down for a nap in his crib, she would quietly creep into his room, pull herself up and peek over the top of the crib to check on him. I would say "shhh the baby is sleeping" and she would tip toe out of the room.

The moment she arrived she beelined it to the toys. Connor was in his Jumparoo and she would stand on the other side and they would both play with the toys. So cute! She had her doll with her and was very busy putting her "babe-eis" (said in a two year old voice) in the swing, the car seat and on the play mat. She's very talkative and it's was fun to have another little person around for the day.


Two on Tuesday

Reese is on her way over (she is 2 years old) and I'll be hanging out with both of the little ones today. Wish me luck! Here are some photos from the weekend...more to come later!


Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July everyone! The image above is by British artist Ann Carrington. You may remember her from my all time favorite show, 9 By Design.

It's a beautiful day here and we are headed to a pool party soon. Have a happy day!


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