Sullivan's Island

Connor and I spent the afternoon at the beach yesterday. It was pretty cloudy outside so I made sure he was all set in his sun hat and quickly took him down to the water and dipped his toes in the ocean. He squealed and smiled and seemed to love it! He loves bath time in the water and I can't wait to start swim lessons with him in a few months. My mom took me when I was only a few months old and I LOVED the water and have ever since. Hopefully Connor will be the same!
And this was at the end of the afternoon....

Baby Boutiques In Your Area?

Vinyasa Mama is going global and I'm currently researching baby boutiques that might be a good fit to carry our silk screened onesies. Do you know of a baby boutique in your area that is independently owned? If so, please email me at vinyasamama@gmail.com or leave a comment below.



Happy Baby

I painted our office on Saturday and while I was painting this was going on...
Apparently Kyle was dancing for Connor and he thought it was pretty funny. These pictures might be the cutest things I've ever seen!


Jump, Jump! A Jumper Review

Jumparoo success! As Connor is getting bigger and is outgrowing his swing, we decided we needed a new "activity" toy (in addition to his play mat) to help keep him busy and to help with strengthening his muscles and his brain. After much research I narrowed the choices down to the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn Jumparoo and the Evenflo ExerSaucer Smart Steps. I eliminated the jumpers that you can hang over a door frame because they have been sighted for safety reasons and they just don't seem safe to me either. Plus, I wanted a few additional toys to help keep him occupied and activities to get his brain working.

The ExerSaucer seemed great because it folds up easily, a big plus for storage and for travel, and seemed to be a great alternative to a walker. We have lots of carpet in our house (unfortunately) and I don't think a walker will be able to roll over it easily. The activities seem involved and great for growing along with the baby. However, the product claims it bounces and when I went to Babies R Us to check them out, it definitely did not bounce. It moved around a bit, but I wouldn't call it bouncing. It looked as though the exercise benefit for the baby is that they could "run" and "walk" with their legs but then the unit would be stationary and remain in one place.

The Jumparoo, on the other hand, definitely bounced. The toys and activities are comparable to the ExerSaucer and because you can change the height settings it seems that it might last a bit longer as your baby grows. Both the ExerSaucer and the Jumparoo have a 360 degree swivel seat, so the baby can use their legs to spin around, which I also really liked. However, Connor definitely likes to bounce and once I saw that the ExerSaucer doesn't bounce nearly as much (or not at all) the decision was made. Plus, I think bouncing might strengthen his legs more then simply moving them around, which he really can still do in the jumparoo but will also have the added benefits of jumping up and down.

He's still a little small for the Jumparoo so we have a blanket tucked in behind him to help support his head to and cushion him. His legs just touch the ground so we also added a few blankets below him to help him use his legs. Hes just getting started but seemed very excited when we put him in it last night. His face lit up when he saw the lights and toys. We helped bounce him up and down at first, but he seems to understand how his legs can help move him. Hopefully this is the beginning of many positive Jumparoo sessions!


Out of Comission

ugggh.....I don't know what happened but I think I had food poisoning last night. Today has been a wash and I've had zero energy. Kyle did put together Connor's new "jumparoo". I'll be back tomorrow with some new pics!


Reaching Out

Before our trip to Boston last weekend Connor was beginning to reach out and swipe at objects, especially on his play mat. His movements were pretty uncoordinated and sporadic, but he was beginning to explore. When we got home we put him back on the mat and he immediately began reaching more and spent almost the entire play time grabbing at the toys. His movements are now more coordinated and he seems to be reaching with a purpose to see what an animal will feel like, or what will happen if he bats at it.

It's been amazing to see the progress he has made in the past week. The photo above is blurry because I couldn't get him to stop moving things around long enough to take the picture!


What to do if you sweat in your yoga class....

I mean, who doesn't sweat in a yoga class?? I very rarely go to a yoga class without my yogi toes towel for my mat. Even if it isn't a hot class, my feet tend to slip, my hands get sweaty in downward dog and I simply feel unstable once we build up some heat without it. Plus, I absolutely hate laying in savasana, trying to relax in a pool of my own sweat. I love working up the sweat, but I don't want to lay in it for 5-10 min at the end of class. Why not have a towel down to soak it all up?

I do have a Manduka black mat but I prefer the simplicity of my bargain yoga mat, which is probably 8 years old now, with my yogi toes towel. I suppose I could invest in a manduka towel for my black mat, but I haven't bothered yet.

Anyone else have similar yoga mat/towel opinions?

Yoga @ Times Square

A massive yoga class took place in Time Square yesterday to celebrate the summer solstice. We were doing our own celebrating here - for Kyles bday - but it would have been amazing to have attended this!


Wedding, Fathers Day and Kyles Birthday = Our Past 3 Days

Whew! It's been a whirlwind weekend and we've had LOTS to celebrate! My sisters wedding was this past weekend in Boston, we celebrated Kyle's first Fathers Day on Sunday and then his birthday was on Monday!
We are back in Charleston now and can officially say Connor is an expert flyer. In the past month he's been on two plane trips (plus one car trip) and has done extremely well. That makes us very, very happy.

We are playing catch up today and I'm doing tons of laundry. Connor just had a bath and is clean, happy to be home and ready for an afternoon of World Cup soccer.

Since I didn't post over the weekend, Happy Fathers Day and Birthday to Kyle!!


Connor in Boston

We went on a little sightseeing trip through Boston yesterday and Connor went on a boat for the first time! So far, we have cars, planes and boats down. Next up will be trains and then eventually bikes.

We took the boat from my parents house in Charlestown to downtown Boston and then walked through Fanueil Hall/ Quincy Market.

Here is Connor waiting for the boat in his new stroller....
Walking with Daddy...
Hanging out post-walk eating his hands. Mmmmm....
Drool action shot!


Gramatical Errors?!

Apparently Vinyasa Mama is choc-full-o-errors. Or at least that what my mom and sister have told me. Sorry if you have noticed the mistakes - I typically quickly read over each post but I'm usually holding a baby at the time and, well, it can be difficult.

I did major in Journalism, so I'm feeling rather stupid at the moment. Hopefully Connor will be a better speller then his mom :)


We survived!

I'm happy to report that Connor and I survived our flights (sans kyle) and made it to Boston in one piece. The stroller even survived (yea!) and made travel MUCH easier. We connected through DC and I'm not sure what I would have done without the stroller. It much easier to wheel his car seat around then carry it, especially when carrying other bags. He was a happy little guy (almost) the entire time and seemed pretty interested in all the sights and sounds.
We did have a little incident at the end of the second flight where they allowed us to exit at the back of the plane, which we did. Unfortunately once we climbed down the stairs, we realized the gate-checked stroller was back on the tunnel at the front of the plane and Connor and I had to hang out on the tarmac - literally in the middle of Logan Airport - for awhile while a very nice baggage handler went to get it for us.

I've been very impressed with all the flight attendants who seem to go out of their way to help when they see a baby. I wasn't sure what to expect, but this set of flight and the flights last month have all been pretty easy and everyone has been very helpful. Knock on wood it stays that way, we're not done yet!

Grandma also bought Connor some new outfits! Meet our new little Rugby player....
And here he is in his swing (sorry, its a phone pic)
We are picking Daddy up at the airport tonight. Can't wait to see him!


Reading and Playing

Quick post because I'm getting ready to head to Boston tomorrow (flying by myself with Connor - should be interesting!) but here are a few cute pics from this past weekend. I bought Connor a book (the Sassy Look Book) with lots of black and white images and he LOVES it.

He also loves his Skip Hop Funny Face Mirror, which is also in black and white. We bought a new stroller - a Peg Perego umbrella stroller - and I'll post about how easy it is to travel with after our flight tomorrow - assuming it really is easy to travel with...


World Cup!

Kyle has parked himself on the sofa for the weekend to watch the world cup and the little man is happily snuggled up with Dad. The photo above was actually taken a few days ago (sorry for the awful quality - it was taken with my phone) but right now a similar scene is going on....
I'm going to steal the little one for about an hour to go on a walk. Happy weekend everyone!


And this is how we walk...

I wonder if being on high alert for 30-40 minutes helps burn any extra calories? If so, then our walks might be even more exercise then I thought. I've started taking Connor on daily (or at least a few times a week) walks so he can be out and about and I can get some exercise. Every day when I accidentally say the word "walk" before we leave, Red hears me and thinks I'm talking about him and looks like a sad little pup. Now that we have a bigger backyard, Red's walks are few and far between and I know he misses them.

So....Red has joined our daily walking routine.

Now, if you know Red, you know he's crazy. A loveable, cuddly kind of crazy - but still crazy. He's a very calm and chill dog inside (except for his recent issue with the mail man - more on that some other time) but outside he's the complete opposite and turns into a crazed mad-man. He is in constant search of squirrles, cats and birds and wont rest until he's found all of them. He thinks every other dog wants to play and he wants to say hello and smile to every person we pass. He's a social man and loves to make new friends.

So, you can imagine how Red's social and hunting agenda might interfear with walking with a baby in a stroller. It's a constant battle of trying to keep both Red and the stroller on separate paths. He's had a few run-ins with the wheels and it wasn't pretty for either of them. Keeping the stroller and Red in line combined with making sure Connor is ok, keeping the sun off him, operating a semi-broken BOB and staying on constant alert for squirrles, cats, birds and other dogs is quite the work-out. 30 minutes of that and I feel like I've run 10 miles through traffic. And always, without fail, just when I think things are going ok and can relax and enjoy the walk, Red will dart out of nowhere.

I will say these walks never would have been possible before friends of our gave us a harness for Red and although they are difficult at times, I am thrilled I can take him with us now. We use to walk him on a normal leash/collor system and he pulled the entire time. I've tried choke collars, leads, etc over the years and nothing seemed to help. Nothing until this harness, that is. It fits over his chest and around his back so it doesn't interfear with his face or hurt him in any way. When he pulls the harness gently pulls him back from the chest, which makes all the difference.

Now, if we could find something to distract him from the squirrles we'd be golden.


The Importance of Tummy Time

Connor loves his tummy time and is getting so much stronger. He sits up on his forearms now and alhtough he's always had a pretty strong neck, I can see how it's even stronger now and how he is working toward sitting on his own and crawling. He likes to stare at himself in the mirror and even seems to wiggle his way forward to get a closer look.

Until I had a baby I really didn't know anything about it, but tummy time is an extremely important part of infant development. Here is an excert from BabyZone that describes the benefits of tummy time:

"With babies spending more time on their backs, pediatricians have noted an increase in cranial asymmetry, or misshapen heads. Babies' skulls are still somewhat soft, and constant back positioning with no break can sometimes cause a flattening effect on the back of the head.

Tummy time literally gets babies off their backs. It provides a break for the occipital area, or back of their heads, and gives babies a chance to strengthen their neck muscles to prepare them for 
crawling. It also helps them to get ready to push uproll oversit up, and eventually stand." 

Luckily Connor likes being on his belly, but some babies find it uncomfortable or simply don't like it. The current recommendation for babies is for them to be on their bellies for at least 30 minutes a day, which can be all at once or broken up into segments. A play mat also helps a lot, too. It keeps them interested and provides a familiar setting for them to explore from another vantage point. Here are some more pics of the little conn-man on his belly


The Bob Will Ride Again

Horray for US Air. Well, maybe horray isn't the best term since they did break the BOB in the first place. However, much to my amazement, after many (many, many) phone calls and demanding they deal with the problem ASAP they have agreed to replace the BOB and are sending us a check.

Who knows when it will arrive, though. Maybe this little guy will finally be big enough to fit into the main seat by then....


The Teethy Road to Charlotte

We are back in Charleston after a weekend trip to Charlotte. Kyles Lacrosse team played really well and won all but the first and the last games. There were 7 seconds left in the final game, the score was tied 3-3 and they were about to go into overtime when the other team scored a goal :( It was disappointing to end that way but overall they all played really well and had a great time.

The mini lacrosse player (Connor) had a great time, too, and was smiling and happy all weekend. He was not as thrilled to spend so much time in his car seat, though, and we discovered it is much more difficult to travel with a small baby by car then by plane. On a plane the baby can sit and nurse regularly, whereas in a car they are confined to their car seat. During thre three hour drive to Charlotte we had to stop at least three times to feed him, change him, etc. Plus, he was crying really loudly at one point so I hopped in the back to calm him down and noticed blood on his mouth!? Of course I started freaking out because where on earth would blood have been coming from? I gently wiped it away and it seemed to stop but his mouth was very sensitive and we think he is teething. After a call to G'Ma and some googling, it is normal for babies mouths to bleed a bit just before they cut a tooth. I looked like it was coming from his bottom gum, which is also where the first teeth usually start. So...the bleeding experience combined with the recent drooling, hand sucking (see bottom photo) and occasional biting probably means we do, in fact, have an early teether on our hands.

Looks like Conors cute smiles will be changing soon!


New Onesie Design

New "Ringer" onesies, coming soon to Vinyasa Mama! They will likely be part of a new "Surf & Turf" line with two additional (yet to be determined) designs. I picked up some silver fabric dye yesterday and am excited to get started!

We are heading to Charlotte this weekend for Kyles Lacrosse tournament. I'm hoping to check out a few baby boutiques to see if they might be interested in carrying the Vinyasa Mama line. it's a long shot, but you never know unless you try.


Smiles & Storms

We had an awful thunderstorm here last night - possibly one if the worst I've ever heard - and Red was so terrified he had to snuggle in bed with Kyle. I could feel the whole bed shaking because he was panting and breathing so hard. He's always been afraid of storms and used to hide under my desk; but in his old age he now seems to be taking them a little harder then usual. He pretends to be a tough guy when it come to the mailman and other dogs, but really he's just a big baby.

Luckily, Connor seemed unfazed by the storm until the very last clap of thunder, which was so loud it work him up. He started crying so I picked him up and then we were two people, a baby and a dog all in one bed.


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