Connor Talking

I cant figure out how to turn the video to the side. Sorry! Also, please excuse the drool on his mouth!


Flying Baby!

Flying on a plane isn't very fun anymore, but a flying baby is!!

Bob update

Well we went to the airport yesterday afternoon and filled out a damage form. The woman was very nice and considered the entire stroller to be a wash because it won't open all the way. She did say they typically will reimburse you for the full value of items.....but we'll see. I really don't have much faith in the airlines, plus the hassle of all of this is what really annoys me.

Anyway, I also had to find all our receipts, fill out another form and fax it to "Central Baggage Resolutions - Claims". I called to follow up and they said it could take up to 14-21 days to hear back....ugggggh :(


Grrrr....the Bob is broken!!

We safely packed the Bob and checked it on the plane and now its broken!!?? We just took it out of its travel bag to use it and realized the metal piece on the side is bent. As in really bent. The part is a heavy, thick piece of metal that does not bend easily so it seems as though it must have been horribly mishandled. Because this piece is broken, the entire stroller wont unfold properly and now we cant even use it. It also looks like the wheel might be bent a bit, too.

I just called US Air and we have to go back to the airport to file a claim. I am so annoyed!!!

I was going to post some travel info today - but this might change my opinion about things. I'll keep y'all posted....


Connor's First Trip to Boston

Well we've made it to Boston and back and are still alive and in one piece. Connor took his first flights and did an amazing job. He slept most of the time, but when he was awake he was wide-eyed and curious. He cried for a few minutes as the plane was landing (prob b/c of his ears) but other then that was great! We might have a little world traveller on our hands :)

My friend Tiff got married over the weekend at the Crane Estate in Ipswich, MA. It was a BEAUTIFUL location, beautiful wedding and we all had a great time. Tiff and I went to Andover and Boulder together so we have lots of friends in common and it was great to get everyone together - and to meet Connor!

Here are some photos from the weekend....with more info to come soon about traveling with a baby. Before we left I was frantically searching for info about how to pack breast milk for the plane, travel tips, etc and discovered it was difficult to find any current info. So, I'll fill you in on what we did if you ever need it for a resource in the future. I'm spending the afternoon today catching up on silkscreening so look for the post tomorrow.


OINK Onesies!

Oink Onesies are now available online in the Vinyasa Mama ETSY shop. Wohoo!

Also....the full line of farm animal onesies is now also available in Charleston at Open House in West Ashley. Stop by and buy one!!

Mirror, mirror

Oh, I am so handsome! Mommy feeds me milk whenever I want, I snooze every afternoon and Daddy makes me smile. My days are filled with lounging on my playmat, rubbing my belly and staring longingly at my own cute face. Ah...my life is so eaaaaaaasy!


Two Month Old Chubbster

Big news here - Connor is two months old today!

Also, we just got home from a doctors appt and he is now 10 lbs, 12 oz and 23 inches long! That's almost three pounds and two inches of growth in the past month. This little bug isn't so little anymore :) 

Sorry for the horrible quality of the photos - I took them with my phone because my camera battery is dead.


One Fish, Two Fish

Connor read his first book tonight and he liked it! The illustrations in "One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish" by none other then Dr. Seuss are very graphic with lots of black, white, red, blue and yellow so I thought it would be a great first read for him. He made it through all 62 pages and even looked interested in the shapes and the drawings. 

We also got a new playmat (thanks, G'Ma!) and have discovered that Connor loves the mirror. Seriously...he just can't enough of his own cute face! The animals have caught his attention, too, but not nearly as much as the mirror. There are lots of other features to the mat such as a kick pad that plays music when you apply pressure, lights, squeeky sounds and various features associated with each animal (the parriot spins on his perch, the elephant vibrates when you pull on him, etc) and we are really excited for the little man to start discovering all these things as his motor skills develop.

So, lots of brain stimulation going on here - gotta stay ahead of the curve! 


Mother & Designer, Part Two

The second part of Kelly's "style spotlight" featuring me (and the onesies!) is posted on her blog. Please click here to read the post. More photos of Connor will be posted on her blog soon :)


8 weeks today!

Looks comfy, huh?


Mother & Designer

Mother and designer...I like the sound of that! My friend Kelly interviewed me today for the style spotlight section of her blog. Please visit http://porlamouredelamode.blogspot.com/2010/05/style-spotlight-marisa-connors-mother.html for part one of a two part series. Her blog, "pour l'amour de la mode" translates to "for the love of fashion" and is a daily read for Charleston women. 

Thanks, Kelly!


A rumble in the jungle

I think I heard Connor fart and then laugh at himself this morning. Can babies do that?! At only two months old he has minimal motor skills but - not to worry - he has farting and lauging down pat!

I managed to catch another morning "rumbling" while we were just hanging out. I must say, he looks pretty proud of himself.


9 by Design

Ahhh - I'm obsessed!

Has anyone seen 9 by Design on Bravo? It's rare that I completely fall in love with a TV show, but I've been sucked into this one!

If you arent harboring an unhealthy TV obsession like me, or simply havent seen it yet, I'll give you some background...It's a reality show based on the lives of a family living in Manhattan with seven (yes...SEVEN!) kids. Bob and Courtney Novogratz own Sixx Design firm and purchase, renovate and live in their AMAZING properties in Manhattan. Along the way they've had seven children and somehow manage to make it all work, have fun doing it, and are designing these INCREDIBLE houses that seem cool, liveable and kid-friendly. New episodes air Tuesday at 10pm on Bravo. If you would like to read more about their show and background, click here.

Their most recent house is smack dab on the West Side Highway with unbelievable views of the Hudson River. It's over 6000 square feet of amazingness, which is virtually unheard of in Manhattan. Here is a picture tour of their house. Take a look, but be forewarned, you might want to grab a towel to wipe up the drool....


Here are some photos from the tour


This is how we work

Yep, we start em young here.

I started back to work in the afternoons last week and since Kyle is working from home, too, its a constant game of pass the baby. So, we've learned a few tricks so we are both able to get some work done. The aiden + anasis blanket is perfect for literay tying Conor to me while we are sitting at our desk. I just wrap it around my waist and him and then tie it off to the side and voila! an instant baby support system so I can type with two hands.  He feels cuddled and is entertained by the light and colors on my computer screen. Sometimes you gotta get creative....


Just hanging out, raising a baby

Sorry to have disappeared for a few days. As Kyle says, we're just here raising a baby! And a cute one at that :)

I gave him a bath last night and he looked so much bigger in the tub then before. Here are two pics of him, the first from his very first bath back in march and the second from last night. I'm assuming he is over 9lbs now so he's likely 3bs heavier then at birth.
first bath in late march

bath last night

He loves the water and his bath time! Here he is after getting warmed up in his towel
Then we swaddled him (which he loves) but he always struggles to get his arms out. Its so funny to watch him. Plus, he looks so satisfied when they are finally free. Such a character....look at the determination on his face


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