Sleep like a baby? Not here!

Why do people use the term "sleep like a baby" to describe a night of wonderful, restful, uninterupted sleep?? So far our baby doesn't seem to be "sleeping like a baby" and as parents, we most certainly are not either. I will say Connor has some great nights where he sleeps for up to 6 or even 7 hours at a time, but those have become few and far between. His new pattern is to take an evening nap for an hour or so, then he wakes up at 8:30 or 9pm and will stay awake until around midnight when we typically try to go to bed. Then he'll sleep until 3:30 or 4am when he'll wake up to eat again, but then he's UP. After I nurse him at 4 I've been letting him sleep in our bed because it seem to be the only way he'll nod off for a few more hours. However, I'm so concerned about the dangers of him sleeping in our bed (rolling off, me rolling on top of him, etc, etc) that I really don't fall back to sleep, or of I do it's on and off sleep for the next few hours. Then he'll wake up for good at 8ish and I'm back to being exhausted. Occasionally he'll fall asleep again late morning, but if I try to sleep then, I feel like I'm just sleeping the day away and really can't get anything done.

I actually feel bad for people who try to have conversations with me thorughout the day because I must sound like I'm completely brain dead. I hope they don't look at me and think, "how on earth is she going to raise a child? She's an idiot!". At least I know it's from lack of sleep, but they probably have no idea. We've tried shifting Connor's sleeping schedule but even if it works for a night, it seems like he bounces right back. We swaddle him, rock him, bouce him, etc. in an attempt to lull him to sleep, but the second we think he's finally out and put him down, we'll see those little eyes POP open and then it's all over and we're back to square one. I know lack of sleep is normal for new parents, and I shouldn't be complaining because overall his schedule isnt THAT bad compared to some other horror stories I've heard, but my oh my...i'm exhausted!

Maybe one day in the not so distant future our little baby will sleep for hours on end in his own crib. But until then, this term "sleep like a baby" baffles me.


Onesies are FLYING out the door!

Ok, well maybe not flying....or even moving quickly....but I've sold a few though the ETSY store (thanks, G'Ma!) and also to a friend of mine who will carry them in her store called Open House here in Charleston (thanks, Melissa!). So, an etsy sale and a wholesale purchase on day 1 isn't so bad!!

I better get to work!

I also had my six week post-partum check up today and the doctor says everything looks great. I was so used to going to the doctor once a month, and then once a week toward the end, that it will be weird not to constantly have an appt pending. I'm sure the pediatrician appts will start filling up our schedule, though!

Here's a pic Kyle took of Connor the other day while hanging out on the sofs. So handsome!



Drumroll please......I now have an ETSY shop! Please go to http://www.etsy.com/shop/vinyasamama and buy some onesies! Or pass the word on if you don't have a baby....

I found these vintage prints of farm animals awhile ago and used them as the inspiration for four images in Connor's nursery. I liked them so much I decided to start a little business making onesies. I'm starting with "moo" and "quack" but will hopefully expand with more options soon. I'm also hoping to design a yoga/baby image that can also be used on t-shirts.

The onesies are hand screenprinted (by me) in Charleston, SC (actually right here in our house) and can be customized if people are interested. I love screenprinting and have taken a number of classes over the years. I'm so excited to be putting it to use and if nothing comes from this, at least Connor will have some cute clothes!


Babies are people too

Especially this little guy!

We have a BIG announcement tomorrow so check back in the morning. If you look closely you might be able to guess what it is :)


A Raffle for Liam

I happened upon this site today in the blog world and wanted to repost to help spread the word. 

Liam will be turning 6 at the end of April. He has a neuromuscular disorder called Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type 2 and his mother is holding a raffle from now until May 9th to help raise money to remodel the bathroom for him this summer.

Tickets are priced at $15 for one; $25 for two; $50 for five and there are some great prizes. Please check it out if you have a moment.


What's in a name?

We're partial to the name Connor McIntosh Hoyt, but it took us awhile to decide. Connor was actually named "Alex" for an entire day in the hospital. However, when it came time to make it official, Kyle and I both decided it just wasn't working. We were always planning on "Connors" being his middle name, so when Alex didn't fit and Jackson and Tucker (our other top choices) also seemed wrong, I mentioned moving Connors to the first name and shortening it to Connor. Then we could use McIntosh (which is also Kyles middle name and a family name) as his middle name so we could continue to use the nickname "mini mac". As soon as we said it, it just seemed to fit.

Our criteria were that we wanted a strong boy name that was normal (i.e not something like "Igor Connors Hoyt") and easy to pronounce but not too common. Plus, we both had to agree on it, which was more difficult then we thought. And lastly, it had to fit his personality. When we took our baby classes during the pregnancy, we were very surprised to hear that every other couple had already named their baby. Huuuh, I thought? What if the baby just doesn't look like their name? I wanted to find a name to fit the baby, rather then hope the baby fit the name. When Connor arrived he came equipt with his own personality and when we tried to call him "Alex" it was clear it just wasn't going to work. After our experience, I'm wondering if some of the other parents from our class are having a sort of buyers remorse - or baby name remorse - now that their babies are here?

I happened upon this Top 100 of 2010 baby name list today and found the choices very interesting. I remember searching for inspiration in the weeks leading up to the birth and most of the choices either seemed so typical or totally off the wall. The top 20 on this list aren't crazy, but they are different from most lists.
7. MAX
10. LIAM
14. OWEN
16. KAI
17. MILO
18. NOAH
20. JOHN

Click on the link above to see the whole list. Surprisingly, Connor isn't even listed in the 100.


An eight pounder

Meet our child....who may or may not be turning into a turtle :) 

The hair standing up in the back of his head is what really makes me laugh. G'Pops took this photo over the weekend and it's so cute (see more below)

In other baby news, Connor is moving full steam ahead and now weighs 8lbs 2oz and is 21 inches long. That's a two pound and two inch gain in the month since he was born. His cheeks have filled out and this morning his arms and wrists actually looked plump to me. He's still sucking down the bottles and feeding on a regular basis, so this growing boy is just going to keep on growing. He's even moved up a diaper size from "newborn" to size 1!!

At our doctors appt yesterday he also got a shot (hep b) and was NOT happy about it. His facial expression went from a mild cry as the nurse looked him over to an absolutely terrified wail as she gave him the shot. Can't say it was fun for any of us.

But he's a heathly little guy and we will be back in a month for another check-up. We're hoping hell be able to enter the world of double digit weight and will tip the scales at 10lbs+.


A Visit from G'Ma, GPops, Aunt Cristina...and the Blue Angels

What a great weekend for a visit from G'Ma, G'Pops and Aunt Cristina! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL, Connor celebrated his one month birthday, the Blue Angels were in town and we got a new grill (Thanks, G'Ma and G'Pops!)

Connors is currently out for a spin in the BOB with the G'Parents and then we're off to the doctor for a check-up. We can't wait to see what he weighs - hopefully close to 8lbs, if not even more.

Here are a few shots from the weekend, plus a video of Aunt Cristina's magical ability to transform Connor from a crying baby to a happy little baby


Banished to the bedroom - waiting on new carpet

Well Connor, Red and I are banished to the bedroom today beacuse they are installing new carpet in the rest of the house. Everything is stacked up in here and I'm trying to make sure Connor doesn't roll over onto a picture frame. [he's ok - no need to worry] He actually looks like a little man sitting next to me. His head is up on the pillow and he's just sitting, hanging out and sucking away on his pacifier.

Red is right next to the bedroom door, defending and protecting us from the evil carpet men :) Kyle put him in the backyard this morning when they arrived to keep him out of the house and out of their way, but he actually broke back INTO the house and somehow managed to push open the patio door?? So here we all are...hanging out and waiting. I'm hoping to go on a walk with these two little ones soon, but I'm not sure if I will be able to find the stroller.....?


What changes in a week...a month

Little Connor is 4 weeks today and my, oh my he has changed in the past few days. He distinctly follows objects with his eyes, waives (ok, well he tries to wave) at Daddy and is growing LOTS! Here's your daily dose of cuteness!


Milk Monster!

We introduced a bottle (with breastmilk) earlier this week and Connor had ZERO trouble with it.  All the baby books suggested I leave the house (so he couldnt smell my milk) while Kyle gave him a bottle and basically made it seem as though this would be an awful transition. We were preparing for crying, tantrums, etc as he became used to a bottle nipple, but this little one downed the milk in minutes and seemed absolutely fine with it. I nursed him a few hours after the bottle and he went right back to that without any problems either. We've tried a few more bottles since then, and he's been a champ. Looks like we have a little milk monster on our hands :)


Give me milk!!!

I can not stop laughing at this photo - gets me everytime.


Annnnd....we're a family

Bo came over today and took a few pics of us in our backyard (thanks, bo!). More to come soon....


3 weeks and already a mini person

We've successfully raised a baby for three weeks as of today!

At the moment he is sound asleep in his swing. We had some tummy time this morning and he has mastered turning his head from cheek to cheek. He can hold it at an angle when he is upright, but we are still working on raising it and holding it straight up while on his tummy and back. His little legs are extremely strong and he was pushing his tush in the air the whole time. He's also started to follow objects with his eyes and loves it when Daddy waives to him. The cealing fan in the living room mesmorizes him and he loves to look up at it, too.

I wasn't able to get a video of tummy time today, but I realized I forgot to post pics of his first bath a week and a half ago, so here they are! He loves the water and was trying to drink it out of the tub...
He wasn't as excited to get out of the bath...


Milk Drunk

Look at that belly! Connor has been doing LOTS of sleeping and eating recently and loves it when his belly is full of milk. He feels much heavier when I hold him and we are estimating he is a little over 7 lbs now, if not even heavier. Here are a few cute pics of our growing baby


Happy Easter!

Happy Easter everyone! Grandma is here and has been having a blast hanging out with Grandchild #1. We've been to the Farmers Market, walking on King Street, running some errands and just taking it easy at home. Today we went out to Kiawah and walked around Freshfields Village and the Sanctuary with Connor.

It's been nice and warm here but I've discovered that Connor needs a sun hat STAT. We've been looking for a newborn size, but even the smallest size we can find falls down over his face and is just way too big. I know he will grow quickly but we still need something now. Any suggestions?


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