A few more names....

So now that Tucker has puled ahead in the polls, I suspect that Kyle has been voting from multiple computers. Nice try, bud :) Still no decisions (and there wont be until he is born) but I've been brainstorming and have a few more to add to the list....Reed and Cohen. Vote away!

(btw, it wouldn't let me add the names to the first poll, so it's split into two different polls - sorry!)


Help us choose a baby name!

Hey all, I just added a baby name poll on the right side of this page. So far we've narrowed it down to three names but are also open to suggestions. Jackson, Alex and Tucker and the top choices right now, so if you have an opinion, help us choose! Can't say we will defnitely go with whatever names wins, but we will certainly take it into consideration. We don't plan to officially name him until he arrives so it could always change at the last minute, too.

And if you have another suggestions, please leave a comment on this post. Thanks!!


Baby shower success!

Mini Mac went to his first party today and is kicking and so excited for all his new presents. A HUGE thank you to Kelly and Tim who threw us an AWESOME shower!!! The decorations were so cute and the food (with a "mini" theme) was fantastic. We have lots of leftovers and might be eating cake for lunch tomorrow :)

I snapped some shots of the food and decorations before everyone showed up...



For his first Phish show :)
Some of the ladies toward the end of the afternoon....
And some of the men....

Thank you to everyone for all the amazing gifts and for celebrating with us!! I'm exhausted and heading to bed. Ok, I lied...I'm really about to watch the finale of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, but then I'm heading to bed. Kyle is playing Wii with Dustin and there is no end in sight....


Wow - you probably need to pee all the time!

We just got home from our weekly doctors appt and so far everything looks good. No change at all and I am not dialated. Aparently the baby's head is sitting pretty low, which explains why I need to pee like every 5 seconds. I also had a Strep B test today (different from strep throat) and will probably get the results in a week or so. So...looks like we still have plenty of time and don't have to pack our bags quite yet.

We also got the baskets for the changing table yesterday and the cover for the changing pad. Thanks, Mom and Dad! It's so funny because our doorbell rings everyday with some sort of delivery. Plus, Red is being extremely protective and goes absolutely crazy every time the doorbell rings or someone is outside. I'm sure the UPS guy rolls his eyes every time he sees our address on his delivery route.

Our baby shower is on Sunday and we are really excited to get all our friends together. We'll post some pics after the weekend.


Big belly pics - 35 weeks!

More pics to come from this past weekend, but here are two I took at the yoga studio. I'm 35 weeks today. Somewhere between 3-7 weeks left (actual due date is March 22). My belly is so big!


Snow in Charleston!!!

It SNOWED in Charleston on Friday night!! Apparently this is the first time it's amounted to anything here since 1989. We lost power for a few hours but it was worth it to see all this happen. Craziness!

Our backyard Friday night...

On the battery Saturday morning....


Man, pottery barn kids uses some serious boxes. The crib and box weighed 106 lbs - sorry UPS man!! It took Kyle the better part of the day to break it down

We also now have a crib mattress and new shelf for over the changing table, but I took this pic before they were in the room. The curtains are also still in their packaging but are going up later today. I'll add some more pics when the room looks a little more pulled together.

I also spent a few hours this morning taking some maternity/yoga photos will my friends Shannon and Jake (thanks, guys!!) They came out great and I'll add them on here once I get the disc from them and we edit them a bit.

We were planning to go out to the Old Village Post House for dinner, but we've been out to eat every night this weekend so far and might just stay at home, make shrimp and grits and watch the Olympics instead. Happy Valentines day everyone!!!


Another day....another doctors appt

We are at 34 weeks now and will now have appts every week until the baby comes. Luckily we love our doctor and the nurses are great. Kyle comes to every appt and it's nice to have the support. There are frequently other guys there, too, and they all seem to give eachother a nod of solidarity. Basically all that happens at each appt is I have to pee in a cup, they weigh me - I've gained 28lbs so far - then the nurse takes my blood pressure, asks if anything weird is going on, and then we see the doctor for a few min where she measures me and listens to the babys heartbeat. When she measures its from the bottom to the top of my uterus and the number of centimeters should correspond with the number of weeks pregant. Kinda cool how that works out.

Last time I was measuring a centimeter short, but am right back on target this week. The baby has slowed down a lot recently and I think he's just running out of room to move. At the next appt she is going to check my cervix and said she'll let us know if we need to pack our bags or not ???!!!

Definitely been feeling nauseous recently and this morning I felt this crazy pressure that makes walking around kind of difficult. I've been swaying side to side when I move and totally have that "pregnant woman walk" goin on. Lovely....

In even more exciting news, THE CRIB AND CAR SEAT ARE HERE!!!! We got back from the doctors appt and let Red out in the backyard and noticed these giant boxes sitting on the back deck. Red started barking at 7:30am this morning and we think it was at the UPS guy who must have put them out there. Glad we saw them because it's supposed to rain again tomorrow.

Anyway, they are sitting in the living room now and I'm patiently waiting for Kyle to put the crib together. I'll add some pics later when it's all set up :)


Where are my toes?

I think they are hidden somewhere down there? At least I hope so. They peek out sometimes if I lean forward but I don't particularly want to see them anymore, anyway. They are swollen and pudgy and scare me, so I'll just wait until they return to normal again and then I'll go paint them a pretty color.



Ahh...the crib is ordered and I can realx a little. Thanks, Nanny (aka my grandmother)!! It won't be here until early next week but here is a pic of what it looks like from the Pottery Barn Kids website. It matches the changing table and can be converted into a toddler bed once the baby grows out of it, so we're set for awhile.

We decided on the darker wood because we thought it would look more appropriate it's a boys room as he grows, but here is a pic of it in white with bedding. 

I realized after I ordered it that we still don't have a mattress for it, so although I'm relieved to have it, it's isn't exactly functional yet....

We also bought some diapers today (huge relief) and I was pretty shocked that there realyonly seem to be two brands out there. I guess I'd never considered it before, but Pampers and Huggies have a monopoly on the market BIG TIME. Of course there are other diapers, but we were warned in our baby classes that some of the less expensive brands can give your baby horrible diaper rash. I've delt with that before and it is no fun at all, for you and especially the baby, so if avoiding it means paying a few more dollars, then I'm all for it. We ended up with the Pampers Swaddlers for newborns and they look so cute and little - even in the package! BTW, check back with me in about three months and I'm pretty sure I'll be eating my words about diapers being "cute".


33 weeks and Oyster Fest

33 weeks down and only 7 to go! It just blows my mind every time I think about how it's flown by so quickly. I'm planing to order the crib today or tomorrow and can't wait to set it up so the nursery feels a little more complete. I'm also really anxious about the car seat becasue we won't be able to take the baby home from the hospital without it - or use the stroller or go anywhere, really, so that's been on my mind, too.

Despite the chilly temps (45) yesterday we spent almost the entire day outside at the Oyster Roast. At first I wasn't sure how long I would last, a pregnant lady at an oyster and beer fest isn't exactly a good combo, but it turned out to be a really fun day and although I didn't eat any oysters (or drink beer) we found these hushpuppies that were SO GOOD! Here's Kyle tossing an oyster into his mouth. Think he made this catch, the other ten or so oysters he tried bit the dust.
Now that today is February 1st, I have ONE MONTH until I have to have everything together so if we have the baby early, I won't freak out on my way to the hospital. March 1st is my official deadline so I can relax for the last few weeks and not feel like I have still have so much left to do. I'm due March 22 and just have this feeling the baby will either be early or right on time. Think a Costco trip is in out future for some DIAPERS! 


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