Itsy Bitsy Yoga

I ordered this book the other day from Amazon and can not wait to check it out. It received really positive reviews and seems to have a ton of good ideas and poses to do with your child (newborn through toddler) to help them digest, sleep more soundly, develop better body awareness, and then to actually do yoga once they get a bit older. Plus, it's right up my alley :)

Also, the baby room is FINALLY coming together. We moved all the extra stuff out and started arraging the baby items. I feel a million times better and can actually begin to hang things up and organize. I'm 32 weeks today, so we have limited time left. scary thought. I have also hit a huge wall and suddenly feel like I have zero energy to get anything done. When I'm out shopping for things, or just trying to run errands, I am exhausted after going into one store. It's been hard for me to slow down and frustrating that I can't finish simple projects. And swollen feet...oh boy, they are no fun at all.


Vote for meeee!

Hey all,

I entered a design competition earlier this week and they are picking the winning design based on votes. If  you have a moment, please go to http://chstwestival.com/please-vote-for-our-twestival-design/ and vote for Red Dog Design.

The Charleston Twestival is a "festival" for local twitter users and is part of a larger, international Twestival that will be happening all over the world. Ironically, the CHStwestival is the day before my due date, but it doesn't mean my design can't represent! It would be fantastic exposure for my freelance business and would likely lead to new clients.

You can vote once a day from each IP address and voting will close this Saturday. So tell your friends and vote for me!!


31 weeks worth of tight hips

That could be me...but its not :(

Haha, it's actually a really awesome yoga teacher named Kathryn Budig who teaches in LA but has done a few workshops in Charleston. Anyway, I constantly read info about how when you're pregnant your muscles and joints are supposed to be significantly looser to allow for your growing body to expand. Your hips are typically much looser then usual and I've heard of women who normally could never do a split say it's easy for them during pregnancy. For some reason I am the complete REVERSE of all this and have never been so tight in my entire life! My hips ache all the time and I can barely stretch them out at all. What is going on????

Even after a brisk walk, when I'd expect them to be warmed up, they are even tighter then before. And my back had been making some really awful cracking sounds. What's happening to my body???

31 weeks today....only 9 more (ok, probably more like 13 more) until YOGA!


A walk and a changing table

It's a beautiful day here in Charleston and the freezing temps have seemed to let up for awhile. I went on a walk early this afternoon with my friend Shelby. We started on the bridge, but the wind was so intense we could barely talk, so we turned around and ended up walking through the new park in Mt. Pleasant and then along the road to Patriots Point. It felt good to get some sun and move around, because I definitely have not been doing enough of either of those things recently.

Pretty bad pic of us (sorry, shelby!), we were a little wind blown from the bridge.

Later in the afternoon Kyle wanted to drill something with his new drill bits, so he put together the changing table. He didn't end up using the drill, but the table looks great! Thanks mom and dad!

It's actually darker then in the photos, but overall a little lighter then it looked in the catalog (it's from Pottery Barn Kids). We still need to get the baskets for the shelves so we can start loading them up with diapers :)


Baby likes the corner

If you didnt get the title, it's a little throwback to Dirty Dancing :)

This particular little baby just LOVES to curl up and hang out as far to the right as possible.  Recently he's decided its comfortable for him to sit with his head directly below my ribs, so every time I lean a little to the right I feel like I'm squishing him. When I push on my stomach, it feels firm and I can feel the entire outline of his little body. The left side is squishy and feels like there is plenty of space. What's so bad about the left? Or even just mixing it up a bit?? 

I had a doctors appt yesterday and asked her about it. Of course he decided to move around while we were there so she couldn't feel his head below my ribs. She did say its fine for babies to pick a spot, even if it's head up. As long as his head moves back into position (head down) about two weeks before delivery he should be ok.

I figured out where his bottom was last night and Kyle gave him a little pat on the tush and asked him to move over. He listened for about 30 min, but then went right back. 


We got the BOB!

We received an AMESOME package in the mail this week....the BOB Revolution stroller! Yeaaaaaa!

It's already put together and sitting in the disaster area what will be the baby's room.We've been wheeling it around and might even take it for a spin soon just to see what it can do. I was trying to get Red to sit in it, but he wasn't interested. Seems he actually wants nothing to do with it, so far.

A HUGE thanks to Kyle's brother, Blair, for the awesome gift! I can't wait to walk and run with it!! Now I have no excuses for not getting back in shape!


Flow junkie....must sweat!!

Aahhhhh - I've never wanted to be as hot and sweaty and I want to be right now. I'm having a serious hot yoga craving and there is no way to satisfy it. It's freezing outside and all I want to do is bask in the heat, turn my muscles to mush and push my body to the limit. I want to twist and wring out the toxins and then stand on my head. If you think I sound crazy, then I highly recommend you try it for yourself sometime and see how addicting it can be! Hard...heck yes! But you will feel so amazing afterward....

I truly never knew how much I loved hot yoga until I had to go nine whole months without it! So far I have seven months down and about 11 weeks to go...and I CAN NOT WAIT!!

It certainly doesn't help that it's the start of new year and all the local studios have specials running to kick start resolutions. I've been drooling over the Charleston Power Yoga January Yoga Revolution. You purchase one month of unlimited yoga, then practice 6 days a week for 4 weeks and then the next month is free. Plus they have an orientation session Think they'll let me wait to start until April?? Two of my favorite teachers from Blue Turtle opened the new CPY studio in late July and I was so excited to check it out and have a new studio to change things up a bit. It's the only Baptiste Power Vinyasa Affiliate studio in the entire state of South Carolina, which is awesome, because I used to go the original Baptiste studio in Boston a lot. But wouldn't you know it, I found out I was pregnant the week they opened and I still haven't been.....uuuggh!!

Also, the bikram studio has their own little 30-60 day deal going,. Take 30 classes in 30 days or 60 classes in 60 days and you are eligible for prizes and gifts including massages, free classes, credits to their store, etc. They also have a special intro rate for new students that's $20 for the first week. That's pretty good considering one class normally costs $20.

For now I will stick with walking and some pre-natal yoga. Honestly, it's about all my body can handle, so it's ok. 11 weeks and counting down....


New Year, New House....Almost New Baby!

Happy New Year everyone! I'm 29 weeks today and only have 11 left to go! Crazy!!!

We moved over the weekend and although I'm so glad to be done with it, we now have TONS of organizing and rearranging to do. It doesn't help that it's FREEZING here in Charleston and it makes it hard to get motivated. We've barely made a dent in the laundry pile and I will likely be washing and folding until the spring.

We also had a doctors appt last week and met another doctor, Dr. Gregory, from the practice. She was awesome and I feel much better knowing the doctors in the group are all fantastic and I'd be comfortable with them delivering the baby. I've also been getting Braxton Hicks contractions and she checked just to make sure everything was still ok. Apparently these contractions are pretty normal and we only need to worry if they begin happening in a steady pattern. We now have appts every two weeks and start the baby prep classes tomorrow. Should be interesting!

Ok, enough lounging, I'm forcing myself to either organize my closet or go to to the gym....



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