wegmans and double carts

Apparently I'm one of the few who had not yet experienced the amazing-ness that is Wegman's Supermarket. After our million trips to DC this year we finally made it to a Wegmans and I must say, it was impressive. I've always wondered what parents do in the grocery store if they have a set of twins...how do they fit in the cart? do you leave them at home? do you put one in the basket area and the other in the seat? Well, that problem was solved for all Wegmans shoppers because they have double carts so you can fit TWO kids. Genius!

Anywhere where you can do all your shopping and grab a drink at the bar, while pushing your twins around in a cart is ok in my book. 

Wegmans, I wish you were closer to me.

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  1. Is there a cocktail bar there?

    There is a coffee bar at my grocery store which I find kinda cool.



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