reasons why i love christmas

1)   Christmas cards. Now that we have a baby I love taking cute and funny pics for a card. And I love getting funny ones in return. It’s so much more exciting then opening the mailbox and seeing the usual stack of bills and catalogues.

2)   Christmas lights! Ive already professed my love for string lights of any kind and Christmas is the perfect time to hang them up everywhere from your Christmas tree to your front porch. Plus, I love the added bonus of seeing twinkling lights in so many people’s windows and draped over trees in parks and along sidewalks.

3)   NYC at Christmas. The energy of NYC + holiday cheer (lights, music, crazy widow decorations, etc) = love. My family has been going to NYC for Christmas since before I was born (30+ years). I love NYC anyway, but the added energy around the holidays truly makes it a special place to spend the holiday.  When I was in high school and college everyone would convene in the city a few days before Christmas to catch up and hang out and it’s always been my favorite time of year to be there. It just wouldn’t be the holidays without it to me.

4)   Family. I live pretty far from most of my family and Christmas is usually the only time I really get to see them throughout the year.

5)   Giving gifts. Ok, yes, I do like to receive them, too, but I get such a high out of picking out the perfect gift for someone and then seeing them enjoy it. For me, it’s truly better then (almost) any gift I open for myself (ok I’ll be honest, there are a few exceptions to that).

6)   Christmas shopping. Despite the insanity that can accompany Christmas shopping I secretly love it. Doing my Christmas shopping in July just isn’t for me. I need the experience of the crowds and the lines and the craziness to feel like it’s really Christmas. Sounds weird, I know….

7)   Santa. Ok, well obviously not because I still believe, but because how crazy is it that you can convince a child that a man in a red suit slides down your chimney secretly at night, eats a few cookies, drinks a glass of milk, leaves them presents and then disappears into the night? I was in a store the other day and a little girl was walking around and pointing at toys she wanted and kept saying “ooh, mommy, can you add this to my list for Santa?” and her mom wrote it down on a piece of paper for her. Yes, I do agree it certainly shouldn’t be all about presents for kids, but I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything more adorable. 

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  1. I was thinking about the Santa thing just the other day. Santa is the embodiment of the innocence of children. How sweet is it to think that they will truly believe anything you tell them?



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