look on the bright side

Today hasn't exactly been a great one. Connor had a doctors appt this morning and had his round of shots, plus a flu shot, and might be getting an ear infection. Then my car literally started smoking on the drive home and then my phone completely died, though luckily JUST after I called Kyle to rescue me and AAA to tow me to the shop.

Just fabulous...

However, on the brighter side a nice gentleman took a look at my car while I was waiting and said it looks like a crack in the radiator {likely from the cold weather} and can be fixed rather easily. Then the manager from Chic-Fil-A {where I was waiting for the tow truck} brought me some food {for free!} and I just now went onto the Verizon website to see about a new phone and I just upgraded my Blackberry and am having the new one overnighted to me for free!

Um, can I say hallelujah to some much needed bad karma that turned itself around?!

And just passing on the info, if you have Verizon and are eligible for an upgrade, I highly recommend ordering it online because they apply the rebate instantly and will overnight it to you for free. How awesome is that?

Waiting to hear back from the car place to see what the problem is and am crossing my fingers and hoping the guy was right about the crack...then off to the pharmacy to pick up some preventative ear infection medication for Connor.

Hope you all are having a good one {whether it started out that way or not!} And a huge thank you to the very nice man at Chic-Fil-A, the tow truck driver, the car repair man, Kyle and Verizon Wireless!

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