My long anticipated thirtieth has now come and gone. And honestly, I'm pretty glad it's over. Now I can be thirty and not have to think as much about it anymore nor deal with the anticipation or the "pending doom" of leaving my 20's.

That's right, I'm 30. THIRTY!

I am very thankful for even reaching thirty and for the wonderful people in my life who helped me celebrate. It's wasn't quite like this amazing party, but we did have dinner outside and there were string lights around. I've realised string lights {like Christmas lights but not as holiday-ish} really appeal to me. They seem to give everything a more festive look. So, I was happy to have them around at my birthday dinner.

The one thought that did give me pause was when Connor turns thirty, I'll be sixty (!) At least I have thirty more years to prepare myself for that one.

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  1. Looks like you had a fantastic birthday! I love the lights too- so Johanna Goddard :)



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