golden gate dinner party

I can't imagine anything more perfect then a dinner party beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. This is hands down the the most amazing party idea I've ever seen {and I've seen a lot}...too bad I don't live anywhere near San Francisco.

Surprisingly, it's not quite as difficult as one would think. Click here for the original post and here for the DIY details.

I'm literally drooling over these photos and kicking myself that I didn't plan something like this for my 30th birthday party. Maybe next year? Maybe I can arrange something {significantly less exciting and picturesque} in my own backyard? Hmmm...

photos by Paul Ferney for Oh Happy Day


  1. this is awesome. dinner parties are fun already, but when you add in that backdrop, wow!

    ps: you're not 30 yet! wait..are you?? is your big 3-0 next week? i thought you were turning 29... so anyways it's not too late to start planning this party...



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