pumpkin patch weekend

Well hello! Sorry for not posting on Friday.

We had a great fall weekend here. Beautiful weather, a new set of tires, a phish concert, football, the pumpkin patch, a hay ride and a Sunday evening BBQ with friends. Can't get much better then that...

To top it off, Connor met a goat! I think he probably thought it was some sort of weird looking dog, but he did seem fairly interested in it. We met this goat (and a rabbit, though he was less interested) at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. A word to the wise, go to the pumpkin patch earlier in the season or all the pumpkins will be picked over. Oh, and also remember to bring a hat...and the Bob.


  1. Too cute! You guys are such a beautiful family :)

  2. hahah! i love the one of connor (without arms) in the guilletine.

  3. What great family pictures. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend.
    Love the picture of Connor examining the hay...hope he didn't try to eat it!

  4. Great photos!! I love Connor's outfit, too! I'm surprised how blond his hair looks in some of the recent photos! Can't wait to see you guys!



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