yuck, mommy

Well, he ate them. But he wasn't happy. As you might be able to tell from the (somewhat blurry) photo he was fighting to get them down.

I boiled the sweet potatoes, mashed them up and let them cool completely. I took a taste before I fed him and they were pretty bland. Can't say I would enjoy them either. His initial reaction was something along the lines of what I might look like if I ate an entire bag of sour patch kids in one bite. Pursed lips, a frightened look and slow, reluctant bites. By the second bite, he knew what to expect, but wasn't thrilled. I snapped the photo is somewhere around bite 4 or 5, just before I decided to spice things up a bit and mixed the sweet potatoes with some rice cereal.

The second and third nights were more of the same, but I mixed the sweet potatoes with cereal from the start. He seems to be ok with it so we're sticking with what works for the next few days and then are planning to try carrots and avocado with some rice cereal on the side. On the plus side, he's been sleeping soundly again through the night and doesn't wake up to nurse. On the down side, I'm sure you can imagine what this does for diaper changes!

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  1. im with connor on not liking sweet potatoes... he also told me he doesn't like avocado, mushrooms, olives, or california chardonnays.



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