Creepy photo, huh? We went to brunch on Sunday at Poe's on Sullivan's Island, which is named after Edgar Allan Poe who was stationed on the island in the early 1800's. We've spent countless hours hanging out at Poe's after being at the beach, but yesterday was Connor's first visit.

Taking a baby out to a restaurant isn't really all that hard as long as you bring along some essentials. Luckily he fell asleep in the car on the drive over, so we simply left him his car seat while he snoozed for the entire seating/ordering process. Once he was up we entertained him with some toys and of course the endless supply of eye candy (paintings, creepy charcoal portraits on fireplaces, TV's, fans and other people) that grabbed his attention.

It's raining here today - actually, make that pouring - and Connor and I got caught in some serious rain while running errands earlier today. So, we've called it quits and are hanging at home for the rest of today. Happy Monday, everyone :)

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  1. Boy, this little guy sure does get around. Too cute.



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